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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Difficult Times Again!

Its been a very difficult week. My Father has been very ill with hallucinations and all kinds and my Mother has been struggling with him. Someone came out to assess Father officially and he has now been prescribed some serious tablets. I had a long phone call with Father's GP yesterday to have a rant and discussion about several things. I got emotional at work yesterday because of all this. I had to go over last night and assist my Mother as she was beyond exhausted, both mentally and physically. On route I picked up a couple of items of shopping for her and also bought and consumed an entire Terry's Orange! Father had been shouting and rambling all day and was extremely hot because of this. The first tablet he had taken earlier had calmed him no end already, so I strip-washed him completely, shaved him and got him into pyjamas to make him feel fresher and more relaxed. We gave him the second of his new tablets and I sturn transferred him into bed and got him comfortable. He seemed settled as I sat chatting to Mother in the other room, so I left around 11.45pm. I had my sleeping bag and pillow in the car and was expecting to have to stay there, but things were much much calmer, than they were earlier.

When I phoned this morning before work to see how things were, Mother told me that he had not moved all night and was in the same position that I left him in!!! So the result was good, as both parent's had a good night's sleep. But..... as I suspected when I phoned at lunchtime, Father was so lethargic that Mother had had a serious job to get him out of bed and sturn him into the chair etc. So much so, that she has decided not to give him either of his new tablets tonight!

I had SO many things to do this evening, including ringing the Community Matron to ask advice about the tablets, finding somewhere in King's Lynn that sold a pill-cutter as one of the new pills is insanely small and has to be cut in half and I had a real job to do this with a knife last night! Also had to find the number and then phoned the Home Delivery Service for pads to be delivered to Holme. Had to go to Slimming World (gained 1/2 a pound, which I expected), Supermarket for me, back home and did the on-line shop for parents (normally done on a Tuesday evening), phone and pay British Gas, phone and arrange appt with Skoda for my final document signing for new car this week – collect my new car next Tuesday 1st September!!! Cook dinner, write bird news on blog and now its 11pm. Phew! Good Night!!!

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