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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Duvet Day and Visits!

Well almost – I hibernated under the duvet all morning! The rain hasn't stopped all day - torrential rain and wind and its still going on now. Looking at the weather forecast, it looks much the same for tomorrow! Miserable weather for May!

Several jobs to do when I finally got up – got a phone call from Social Services to arrange a family meeting this week, to discuss how father is settling into his hew home. Then I had to phone Social Service's financial team on Mother's behalf to find out loads of stuff we needed to know.

Drove over to Mother's house and took her to see father for the first time. Father has been in the new home just over two weeks now. Mother was very worried about going there, but it was all fine once she went in to see him. He was quite sleepy to begin with and we couldn't hear what he was saying, so we took him upstairs in his wheelchair so we could chat to him quietly and ask him how he was. As expected we got the requests to go home and when was he going back to his home etc. We explained the reasons why he couldn't and how lovely it was here etc, but he dismissed this and said he'd 'had enough of our chat'!!! I soothed things over with an offer of one of his Werther's sweets! We took him back downstairs and he was kindly transferred back into his comfy armchair by staff. Tea was served and I helped father to have his soup and bread and a banana – but he refused the cakes on offer. Mother and I were very kindly offered and given a cup of coffee. Shortly after that we left. Mother was impressed by the home and thought it was very nice and alot warmer than their house at Holme, I'll agree with that!

Mother and I went to Hunstanton so mother could buy a few items from Sainsbury's and then picked up fish 'n' chips for our tea and returned to Holme. Spent the evening with Mother and then went home. More parent jobs tomorrow!

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