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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Horrible Evening & Cyber Bullying!

Went to visit Father this evening and wished I hadn't, it was awful, truly awful, that's all I will say, I drove home in floods of tears. When I got in the door I noticed an email link to a shocking blog post. I was still crying from my visit to Father and after reading this post I felt like I was going to be sick.

It was highlighted to me from a regular blog reader of mine, that somebody was writing some pretty awful things about me – you know who you are and your cruel, nasty, sarcastic, childish and theatening post on your blog has been photographed to be used as evidence, so don't bother removing it now. A pretty low thing to do when I am going through hell with my family and other stuff, you are obviously a very sick individual. I am very tempted to copy here what was said and why it was said and my reply, but I refuse to increase the ratings on that person's blog!!! Oh and by the way, yes I do vet comments on my blog, I have no choice and for one reason only – blogs that have alot of traffic, sadly increase links to sick and undesirable website links which get sent sent automatically into my comments section if I don't check them out first – I don't want my blog littered with sick trash. I don't remove genuine negative comments as you suggested, amazingly I have only ever received ONE negative comment since I started this blog, sorry to disappoint you, but all my comments are positive and supportive – thank god there are alot of nice people out there. You are incorrect in saying I vet all blog comments and only publish the positive ones (that's because 99% are!!!), so I am looking forward to receiving your entire 'negative' post into a comment box on my blog post (if you have the guts) and I will gladly reply publicly. But, do you really want two and half thousand plus birders (my average views per day currently) to see what you have written about me? I guess not. I have amended my spelling you referred to sarcastically – massive apologies (note my sarcasm) for spelling a single letter wrong, sadly I'm not perfect and often write in a fatigued state. The 'tresspassing' you referred to wasn't actually, as I have known the owner personally since year dot (its a grass field, children have played in this field for years), so maybe I shouldn't have written that at the time and gave the wrong impression (only that, do I apologise for), note I have now replaced that word! Your ending comment is very disturbing:

Quote: "If I ever see this person in the field, or indeed any other person, committing wrongdoing, I will make them aware of their irresponsibility in language I am sure they would understand"

What does this mean exactly? 'language I am sure they would understand' - very theatening tone, could mean any number of things couldn't it?!!! Writing that to a woman you don't even know is extremely threatening and intimidating, you are treading on dangerous ground. Thanks for making my crap day even more crap, but then that was probably the plan.

You can see why Cyber bullying breaks some young people to suicide, but being as I am older and wiser, I will NOT be bullied by ANYONE!

UPDATE: Wednesday evening
It was highlighted to me by friends, that I have received an apology, not sent as a comment here, but an apology on the person's birding blog. The person in question commenced by saying:

"I sincerely apologise for causing offence to the individual in question here, however, my post does not contain expletives, nor is it threatening........" and it goes on, but I won't include everything said, as trying to be kind and not give away the identity of this person. I accept your apology, thank you, but did feel your words were threatening, as did someone else who found your blog (who I don't know) but sent me an email supporting my thoughts and said: "His original post was, in my view aggressive, patronising, threatening and totally unjustified."

I could respond back to things that were further said, but I don't want to get into a slanging match, life is too short and I'm far too busy! On a positive note, I totally agree with you that the countryside is for all to enjoy and I also encourage others to learn and enjoy the wonders of nature – I enjoy immensely showing non-birders/beginners etc a bird they have never seen before, and love their excited response after looking through my telescope to view a bird in close up, be it common or rare – I always hope that this special moment may spark an interest. Nature is a joy and therapeutic for all. Anyway, once again, thank you for apologising and Happy Birding.


  1. Your blog is an absolute inspiration to any birders trying to deal with the practicalities and feelings around having elderly infirm relatives. Worthy of far wider publication. Don't let the bullies get you down!

  2. Hi Penny, sorry to hear that you are being slated i must say i enjoy reading your blogs and everyone who reads a blog should take it as a blog and not make adverse comments

  3. The world is full of idiots... and also people like yourself, who write beautifully, with insight. I repeatedly return to your blog not just because it chronicles someone seeing a lot of interesting birds, but because it is written so clearly and honestly. (really you should try writing a short story or similar!)

    all rhe best


    (forced to remain anonymous as I don't have any of the weird internet account thingies allowing proper comments)

  4. Good for you Penny. Hang on in there lass. Your father will settle ultimately. Bless you.

  5. Sorry to hear about your abuse some people are just despicable. I can say that your blog is amazing and full of invaluable information for any birder. All the best for the future

  6. Good on yer Penny, don't let hem drag you down.

  7. Don't let this idiot distract you from the more important work you are doing looking after your family. I saw his post as I sometimes look at his blog and thought I would rather have someone trespass on a field than interfere in someone else's life like that. Also, he often seems to post photos of birds on the nest - I think that is much more intrusive!

  8. Thank you all very much for all your very kind and supportive comments, it is very much appreciated. I also received a big number of emails with the same kind words and support, so massive thanks again and happy birding to you all. Very Best Wishes Penny x

  9. I don't know you Penny but so enjoy reading your birding and family words. I fought two years with wife with MND, who is now at rest but your posts helped keep me sane. Thanks