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Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday Night Update!

Considerably cooler today with north winds and rain. Tomorrow continues with North, North West Winds and mainly dry, rather cool day with variable cloud and some bright or sunny spells. However the brisk northerly winds will bring in isolated showers from the North Sea.

I have spent two nights after work this week, buying new clothes for Father and spent one evening this week helping Mother out with getting Father to bed, which wasn't very successful at all because of refusing tablets etc – he is aware that something is going on, although I don't think he really understands fully. However, he did state very clearly that he wouldn't be going anywhere – he is not aware of Mother's mental and physical state at all – all very difficult. Very stressful week again, with social workers suggesting to me on Tuesday evening that Father could go into the care home on Thursday, which although he needs to go asap for Mother's sanity, both Mother and I agreed this was too soon and much too short a notice to get everything ready. Also Lucy and Vivien would have been very upset if they had not seen him at home before he went. I also visited the care home again and was shown the room Father will have – the staff all seem very kind and helpful. The home is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by horse fields and there were lots of birds singing – I'll be looking out for Ring Ouzels in those fields!

Father is now leaving to go to his new home this Monday 16th May – I have booked a half day off work to help out and make things go as smoothly as possible, but I know it will be far from smooth, quite the opposite and I'm not looking forward to it at all. The care home is in Heacham – we would have liked one in Hunstanton, but he has to be in an EMI home and there are none that are suitable or that I liked enough in Hunstanton.

I have a lot to do this weekend – arriving at parent's early morning to help my Mother all weekend. Sorting all Father's clothes out, packing things up. Ironing on name labels on every item of clothing will take a while! Lucy and Vivien also coming over tomorrow – it will be the last time we are altogether in our family home, which is a very sad thought.

This has all happened at a fairly good time, as next Friday I'm on holiday for two weeks, so I can visit Father and help Mother to adjust to her new way of life and freedom for the first time. My main aim in that two weeks is to sit in the Cley NWT Visitor Centre with my Mother eating a cheese scone!!! Somehow I don't think that will happen though, as she is not in a good state at all. The first weekend of my holiday is the Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair at Mannington Hall, which I will be attending both days, so hope to see some of you there – spread the word!

Hope you all have a fabulous birding weekend. I would be at Winterton for dawn to see the spectacular Bee-eater if I was free, but sadly I'm not. Must be a record for the longest staying Bee-eater in Norfolk, surely?

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