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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Busy Day & Visit to Father!

At work in the morning as usual and then took holiday to leave at 10.45am for an appointment with a Social Services Financial Advisor and Mother for 11.30am - heavy duty meeting! Sigh of relief when that was over. Then returned work for 2pm. After work I flew down town to buy a new nurses's watch (broke mine this week), buy some shoes for father and other bits and pieces.

I then drove straight to Heacham to visit Father. He was asleep in the chair, but soon perked up when he realised I was there. He is currently on no medication at all and tons more alert. But the problem is that he is far too alert!!! As in, he has been shouting all night long and dozing during the day, which is not accetable for his state of mind, other residents or staff! So, the care home are going to ask GP to put him back on to the medication they trialled last week, but try 0.5mg instead of the prescribed 1mg, which completely drugged him up into a deep sleep during the day, so much so that he couldn't even eat. I told him all about my encounters with the Great Knot and standing in the sea with my trousers and shoes on and he seemed really interested and tapped me on my arm (his way of saying well done). I tried his new shoes on, but they were not wide enough and a mistake buy, so will have to take them back tomorrow after work. The staff took him up to bed at about 7.45pm and I said good night to him and left.

Another week is almost over again, the time goes so quickly, looking forward to the weekend!

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