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Friday, 17 June 2016

Visit to Father!

Its been a very trying and tiring week and I feel torn between so many things right now – difficult to prioritise anything in life at the moment. I normally take Lucy to her rehearsal early evening, but asked her to get a lift, as I felt that I should go and visit my father, as I haven't seen him for a few days. So when I finished work, I had a quick microwave tea and arrived at Summerville House Care Home at around 6.15pm. As I rung the bell to be let in the door, I could hear some really loud shouting going on and sadly discovered that it was my father who was shouting so loudly. I was told by staff that he had been shouting since teatime and it was because he wanted to get out of there. I tried to reason with him and thought I would be able to calm him down, but it was impossible, it was the worst I have seen him – he was making a really strange noise and he must have had a sore throat. Understandably, some of the other residents were shouting at him to be quiet – I don't blame them at all, it must have been driving them all crazy. I tried to explain to him that he was upsetting everyone else who lived here too, but I don't think he took any of this in.

He did quieten down for a bit, but then started up again. He was rattling on about how he wasn't going to bed at all, while he was being caged in (he was referring to the bed rails which he has to have up, as he would fall out of bed) and he was talking about platforms and trains and when he was being picked up. When I asked him what he didn't like about being here, he replied 'everything', but was not able to pinpoint one thing. I sat in the armchair in despair – what could I do? Nothing at all – he can't return home, there is no alternative. Someone very kindly made me a lovely cup of coffee, which gave me an energy boost. A senior member of staff attempted to give father his tablets, but he refused and continuously spat them out and swept the drink over both of us! He refused to go to bed and anything else I suggested also got an angry reply! After a while he started to fall asleep – he had worn himself out. I watched a Blackbird and a Robin feeding in the garden as the light faded, which was nice. The two night staff arrived and after having a brief chat with them, I left at 9.30pm.

Just got back to King's Lynn in time to pick Lucy up from her rehearsal at 10pm – dropped Lucy home and then had to nip in Tesco's for a mini shop! No rest for the wicked!!! I only have Saturday to go birding as I am working all day on Sunday. I hope everyone has a Great Knot Mega weekend!!! Good Night!

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