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Monday, 13 June 2016

Visit to Father!

Went to visit my father this evening, which was not exactly joyous – he was in a confused mood, emotional and continually talked about trains and buses – when he was being picked up and 'did I have my car outside?'. I think that he thinks he is in hospital and therefore will be going home to mother at some point. He still doesn't understand this is his new home – I tried to tell him this, but I didn't get a good response! I took him up to his room and helped him into bed and settled him down before I left. He was asleep before I left him, so all was well. Massive thanks to Alan Paine who very kindly sent him a wonderfully supportive letter and a couple of bird pictures – thank you so much – hugely appreciated and a lovely surprise!

Popped in to see Mother to deliver her old Carl Zeiss binoculars, which had been repaired at CZ via CleySpy and attached a new strap on them for her – I hate putting binocular straps on! Mother still isn't sleeping at nights, since father has left and she looked really tired. Hopefully she will get used to the fact soon, that she hasn't got to get up throughout the night anymore and can actually have an entire night's sleep!

On the way back to King's Lynn I drove through the most horrendous rain and flash flooding I have ever driven through – it was so heavy I could hardly see and I was driving under 30mph along the Dersingham bypass and through Sandringham  – I almost had to stop at one point it was so bad. The floods this created in minutes was quite shocking!

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