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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Day 20 – A Utterly Rubbish Day!

Lucy and I were far longer at the funeral directors than we thought we would be, which made us late picking Mother up. All three of us then went to King's Lynn, had a quick lunch and then tried to find suitable new clothes for Lucy and Mother for Monday. My Mother's health is now affecting her ability to walk any kind of reasonable distance without getting short of breath, so we didn't get very far. Mother purchased two new tops, but not warm enough for the day and she wasn't even that happy with them. Took Lucy home and then Mother back to Holme. Stayed for a short while and then returned to King's Lynn. I don't have the energy to go into all the stressful things and other stuff that went on today.

On route home I had ANOTHER dreaded low tyre pressure message!!! Someone has to be sticking nails under my tyres, there is no way I can be that unlucky to get another bloody puncture! If one of my tyres is flat in the morning, it will be the fourth puncture in a matter of months! I then got involved in phone calls to do with the funeral and forgot the time, resulting in forgetting to cancel my mother's on-line Sainsbury's shop by the deadline of 11pm – this means she will have 12 packs (9 in each pack) of toilet rolls arriving tomorrow! I can hear some of you chuckling! I'm going to be in BIG trouble! Like alot of Sainsbury's customers, if you want to guarantee a delivery spot, you have to purchase items over £40.00 – then, nearer the time, when you know what you want, you simply delete all the toilet rolls and add the items you actually want. This is the first time I have messed up with that! There are no customer service numbers available until 8am – I will try and cancel it but if I can't, I will have earache later!

Trip to the garage again to check the air pressures in tyres, will obviously be my first job of the morning, or calling the breakdown service if its a puncture. Back to the funeral directors to check the order of service booklets in the afternoon. Feel really fed-up and I've given up trying to hold of Bill Oddie – too late, time has run out.

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