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Friday, 17 March 2017

Day 23 – Thank You!

I spent this morning, replying to all your very kind and beautiful emails and messages I have received since my father's death – thank you all so much. Also wrote out a thank you card to the care home to deliver later this afternoon.

I'm starting to feel nervous now, with the funeral being on Monday. I'm looking forward to giving father a good send off in an odd kind of way, but also looking forward to getting back to some kind of normality too. I miss being at work with all my colleagues and am looking forward to returning. I may sound like I'm in control and level-headed, but I can assure you I'm not! Its been such a long wait for the funeral. If I had been made of iron, I suppose I could have gone back to work whilst waiting, but I have not been in and still not in a fit state mentally, to care for stroke patients. It's going to be very difficult too, with my father having died of a stroke. I'm sure I'll manage though, I've been working there long enough now.

Delivered chocolates and thank you card to the care home and got emotional when I walked in – knew that would happen. It was nice to chat to some of the staff – disappointed not to have seen Nicola since father died, she has always been so kind as have many of the other staff. A silver/grey blanket that Vivien had bought for father's 90th birthday and had gone missing since the 2nd November, was finally found and given to me today by Biben! It was found underneath the mattress, when the air mattress was rolled up and returned to the company that it was hired from! I will return this to Vivien – it will be a nice memento. The new bird design apron never turned up – goodness knows where that went to.

Went to John Lincoln's to collect five of our "Order of Service" booklets, which are now printed and ready for Monday and to chat about the schedule. It is so cold today – back to winter weather! Father died during "Storm Doris" and looks like his funeral day isn't going to be too much better either!

Arrived at Holme where mother tried on her new outfit for Monday – she was very pleased with what I had chosen for her, which was good. None of us are planning to wear coats, but will throw them in the car for after the funeral – it could be chilly by the sea!

Returned home to King's Lynn and didn't do very much at all. I STILL have to print out pictures for the memorabilia display board – think I will do this tomorrow now.

Happy Birthday to my very old and dear friend Christine today – known her since I lived in Lavenham! Also big congratulations to my work colleague (Therapy Assistant) Emily M. and her partner Chris on the birth of their baby boy 'Thomas' today!


  1. I hope the day goes really well and that all your brilliant memories will make you smile soon.

    1. Thank you Findlay! Much appreciated, Best Wishes Penny

  2. I'm sure the funeral will be perfect Penny. Everyone who follows your blogs will be thinking of you and your family. Take care.

  3. Best wishes for tomorrow it will be a long day especially for your mother