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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Attack

Terrorists are not part of the human race, they are programmed and brainwashed to become the lowest form of life – they have no soul or religion. To the Manchester suicide bomber: you have given your life and killed innocent people for what? Nothing, nothing at all – so sad, so evil. My heart goes out to all those families and children who lost their lives – RIP and to those that have been injured – stay strong #manchesterattack

Dipz Dangal, who is a friend of mine on Facebook wrote the following this evening. I felt his words covered everything that any normal human being is thinking and feeling today. He kindly gave me permission to post this:

You’re NOT a monster; you’re NOT larger than life.

You’re NOT supernaturally evil; you’re NOT a political warrior NOR religious revolutionary.

You’re NOT going to be remembered.

Your name will NOT go down in history with any reverence, among ACTUAL human beings.

You’re cause will NOT be heeded to.

You have NO religion.

You have NO argument.

You ARE, on the other hand, deplorable.

You ARE small minded.

You ARE a criminal against humanity.

You ARE morally bankrupt.

You ARE a mentally disturbed, emotionally unstable, weak, waste of oxygen and space; as is anyone that even slightly shares these nonsensical ideologies with you.

No one actually cares that you are dead.

No one appreciates your ‘sacrifice’.

Your suicide only exemplifies your cowardice.

You wasted your time, your life and selfishly you took real human beings down with you.

You ARE pathetic.

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