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Monday 18 July 2022


One of the many reasons I want to move to Shetland: 14°c there today, lucky them! Compared to Santon Downham in Suffolk hitting 38.1°c today!

After showing Lucy my fabulous new fan the other day, she decided she would have one too, so I ordered one for her and it arrived today. This is the only time I left the house today, being as its insanely hot. Delivered Lucy's fan and showed her how it works (digital) and got home again asap. When I opened my front door this morning, the heat hit me and it reminded me of my first flight to Madrid. I was a Catalogue Production Co-ordinator for a company and part of my job was to fly out to Madrid to oversee the colour correction of the catalogue being printed – anyway I won't ever forget the first time I stepped off the plane in Madrid – I had never experienced heat like that, it hit me like a brick wall and that is how today felt too.

Sarah B. from work called me to ask how I was, which was very sweet of her. Spent the rest of the day just trying to cope with the heat. I have hardly seen any birds in my garden yesterday or today, have they died of heat exhaustion? I'm sure some will, with the ground being rock hard, how are they supposed to  probe for worms etc?! I really hope the weather forecast is correct for Wednesday: cooler, rain and thunderstorms. I turned the car ignition on around 3pm and it said the temperature was 46.5°c – I know this is not a true reading, but even still, I've never seen it that high before!

I was horrified to see a picture on Twitter of loads of bags of rubbish left by day trippers at Lady Anne's Drive, Holkham!! As I commented "OMG!! That’s disgusting! Came in their cars, so can go back with them! Revolting and selfish human beings! We seriously need some big plain black and white signs up saying “TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME AND PUT IN YOUR WHEELIE BIN” - put a camera up and state they will be fined £500" If there is such a thing as a surveillance camera that can then track the person dropping the bag of litter and then returning to their car to get the reg number, I think this is a brilliant idea and should make a huge difference. Even the visitors with big bank balances won't want to fork out £500!

I remember my father having a green and white poster up at the observatory that said "For Pete's Sake, Don't Drop Litter" The poster depicted a picture of 'Pete' (a green man!) putting rubbish in a bin. I've just Googled to find it, but failed.

My camp bed is set up downstairs, way to hot to sleep upstairs!

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