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Tuesday 19 July 2022

"RED" HOT DAY, Raging Fires – Wildlife & Habitat Loss, Homes Lost, Highest Temperature Recorded for Norfolk & UK EVER!



Like most people today, I'm wrecked! Not a wink of sleep last night, the camp bed set up downstairs failed miserably, too uncomfortable and too hot. Out of desperation I went upstairs to bed early morning, put the fan on max and tossed and turned until I heard the sound of drilling/DIY noises in the room next to my bedroom/next door. Got up, packed up camp bed stuff downstairs. Had a cold shower, breakfast and then did a scheduled Microsoft Team Meeting at 11am with HR and a senior at work – all went well.

I don't normally work on a Tuesday anyway, but I couldn't imagine what all the hospital staff were going through today, with hot sticky uniforms, no air conditioning and wearing masks! There must have a good number of staff either feeling very sick and faint or/and collapsing. The hospital is hot on a cool day! The patients must have seriously been affected in this heat. Dreadful conditions to be in. I felt guilty sitting indoors with my fan on and feet on a cold hot water bottle – to be honest though, it didn't make much difference. It was just about bearable in the morning, but the afternoon was on another level altogether!

Vivien was melting on the narrow boat and survived by wearing a soaking wet top and re-soaking when it started to dry! Ray was called into work unexpectedly. Lucy's lives in a cooler building, so I think she faired slightly better than Vivien and I.

I have only been outside twice, once to put something in the wheelie bin, which was torture and a second time to give the birds some cold water. Have drunk far more water than I normally do and eaten very little, far to hot to eat or cook. I recorded 38°c here in my garden, although it may have been higher than that at some point. My house felt like 50°c!!!

I was absolutely horrified to hear that Snettisham Coastal Park was on fire via Wild Ken Hill Manager Dominic Buscall: – see my separate post.

The fire brigade had over 4,600 call-outs and there were 280 fires raging in Norfolk alone, including: A148 between North Lynn & Hillington, Castle Rising, Brancaster Staithe, Pensthorpe, Stibbard near Great Ryburgh, Wroxham, Poringland, Ashill near Swaffham, Ashmanhaugh near Stalham and more. People being evacuated from some of these villages and homes on fire! Tarmac melting with chunks flicking up and damaging vehicles.

A truly shocking and traumatic day!

Fires burning in London and over many parts of the country!

Shetland and the northern isles will become the new Burnham Market!

The Fire Brigade are requesting:

NO barbecues outside your garden
NO camp fires
NO thrown cigarette butts
NO littering of any kind and especially glass bottles!


The firefighters must be exhausted, thank you all for doing an excellent job in these extreme and dangerous conditions

I hope the forecast is correct for tomorrow

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