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Wednesday 20 July 2022

Still Hot, No Rain or Thunderstorms Yet – News from Snettisham Coastal Park!

By 11.50pm, we still have no rain here in King's Lynn! Its been another hot day, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I didn't sleep a wink last night.

I had a ENT appointment in the hospital early this morning, which I have been waiting for over a year for. I was told by audiology a while back that I have two small cysts in my left ear, which needed looking into. The very good news was that after being investigated by a senior consultant in "Ears, Nose and Throat" team there were no cysts now! So another box ticked! I then went to visit my colleagues in the Stroke team for a short while, whilst they were having their mid-morning tea break – it was great to see everyone.

Returned home and after almost no sleep for 48 hours, I went to bed at 2.30pm, although too hot to sleep properly and woke up at 8.30pm! Went straight outside and watered my pot plants, as not done them for two days and replenished the bird baths. Rang Lucy and Vivien and then removed all my temporary window and patio door black out blinds (actually sheets etc!). Sat for ages with the front door open with a cup of tea, to try and disperse some of the heat out of my house!

From the EDP: "Major incident over after 'unprecedented' 280 fires in one day"

Pictures and video from Snettisham Coastal Park today with graphic images 😭 :

A single bottle could have possibly (note I said 'could'), have caused this carnage and loss of Snettisham Coastal Park and wildlife fried. All it took was one spark to destroy a very important habitat and much loved by so many. Although its late in the season there would still have been birds nesting here with late or second broods and many rare birds been found here over the years. There is my nearest place I go birding and love this place. Lots of bottles were found amongst the habit after the fire. DON'T THROW BOTTLES OR LITTER EVER!!!

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