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Thursday 7 July 2022

Mid-Week Update!

Since my last post, see here, I have seen the new lady staff physio today, who lent me a Tens machine to use. I've never used one of these before, I set it up for a hour later this afternoon and it really seemed to help, so I will use this daily to help with the nerve pain.

I had planned (with a colleague) a couple of days ago, to return next to work next week and was looking forward to going back – but without going into it all (as not appropriate really), I'm now not allowed to return, until I have seen a 'work' Occupational Health doctor and the soonest appointment is the 25th July!!!!! #frustrated #fed-up


Being as I could not find the BOSCH shrub trimmer I wanted, I researched and found another and better brand, a "STIHL HSA 26 Cordless Shrub Shears with AS2 Battery & AL1 Charger" – I sent off for this via Amazon and it arrived yesterday, but it had obviously been used!!! So have requested a return. I have found where I can buy another locally, thank goodness.

I don't normally discuss politics on here, but...... Boris!!! What a day! I will leave it at that! There is is no-one in the Conservative Party that I would want as Prime Minister! They are all as bad as each other, they all need to go!

Gutted that Rafael Nadal is not able to play his semi-final, after he worked so hard to win the quarter-final and when he was so obviously in pain. I feel its unfair that Nick Kyrgios gets the opportunity to go straight to the final and with a day's more rest than the other finalist will have – but I suppose they have to abide by the rules, so its to his advantage. My first choice to win is Cameron Norrie, second choice Novak Djokovic – but don't mind too much which, as I think they are both awesome – it would just be great for Cameron, being as it could be his first Wimbledon final!

Friday Night Update: 

Wimbledon Sunday final: Novak Djokovic versus Nick Kyrgios.

FAR too hot today and its only getting worse, detest this hot weather. It remains hot until at least the 21st July!🔥 My dear father would have loved it, the hotter it was the happier he was, I'm the complete opposite! I will be staying in with all curtains closed – right old misery guts me! 😂

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