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Monday, 21 January 2013

At home and ill

We have had the dreaded D&V bug at work. What makes me really cross is the fact that I have heard, that the bug was brought in by a visitor onto the ward, passed it on to their already sick relative and now its gone round other patients and staff. That's the last thing people need when they are already seriously ill. Some people are so selfish and have no idea what problems this can cause.
I felt sick last week, but was well enough to go to work. I was really pleased that I managed to battle through without having time off. Two of my colleagues in my team and ward staff were off with D&V last week. But this morning I had no choice – I won't go into detail, work it out for yourself! I was on 'three episodes' of sickness over the last year and now because I am off ill today I will now be on 'four episodes' which means you get called into the office to be interviewed and asked silly questions like 'why have you been ill?' You are not allowed to be ill in the NHS! I hate being at home ill, what a waste of time and really fed-up on my own. Although at least this 'bug' will help with my dieting!!!
Thick snow here again this morning and icicles hanging from the guttering. Saw my robin briefly from the kitchen window today. A blackbird managed to polish off the entire dish of mealworms by himself without interruptions! Lots of gulls flying low over the gardens I noticed, which is unusual, so they must be hungry.
I didn't eat all day, because I couldn't, but had two dry ryvita's this evening. 


  1. Hope you get well soon. Love reading the blog , very envious of all the good birds in Norfolk.

  2. Thank you very much. Glad you enjoy the blog. Just wish I had more time to get out there birding myself!