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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebrations!

I awoke to a another heavy snow fall this morning and brilliant sunshine. The thaw had started and the gutters were pouring with water all morning. I had some boring jobs to sort before I left the house.

Met up with my sisters Lucy and Vivien in Archer's Cafe in King's Lynn and had a wonderful lunch together. We spent the rest of the afternoon with my parents at Holme. I was sitting with father in the living room alone, when suddenly the lights went out...... "Happy Birthday to you......" sang my youngest sister Vivien, as she walked in with a 'Smartie' mini birthday cake adorned with four lit candles! How sweet! The cake was small she exclaimed, on account of me 'being on Weight Watchers'. We cut the cake into five pieces and it was gone! I presumed the four candles represented the 'forty' bit! Lucy bought me some flowers. Later on this evening I put Lucy's very bright purple flowers in a vase and the water turned purple! Don't know what's going on there!!!

It's my birthday tomorrow, but I decided to spend time with the family today, as tomorrow I want to go birding all day. Having a Sunday roast with a few good birdy friends tomorrow lunch time, which I am really looking forward to.

Oh, just remembered, I saw a Redwing sitting in a tree in a playground at Hunstanton (just past the police station) as we drove to Holme this afternoon.


  1. Hi Penny,
    Do you post photos of the birds you see? I started a humour blog when I lived in the UK but I feed the birds as well which I really enjoyed. What part of the Uk is best for birds, I know there is a very good reservation for brds in Norfolk but I also follow a Scottish photographer who seems to take great photos almost everyday of so many birds. I had a sparrowhawk land in the garden in London and was alerted by the smaller birds going ape. In NZ I feed the tui,white eyes, blackbirds,sparrows,greenfinch,chafinch and yellowhead. I don't have a camera at present, I find it wonderful watching the demanding fledglings pester their parents for seed when it is right in front of them. I am practising to be a bird/wildlife artist. I am quite ill so can't really go off birding as such so don't know if I would have enough to fill a blog, I'm considering putting my paintings and drawings up --sort of thinking about it. I checked your blog because you were on the list at number 48!Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi Vickie

    I do submit photos on my blog of birds but I am seriously behind with adding them all. I work six days a week (mostly) so don't have much time to to everything I want to do! Sorry to hear that you are ill - you will have nothing to lose by posting your artwork on a blog - let me know when you do and I will highlight your blog here. Thank for taking the time to post.

    Best Wishes Penny