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Saturday 17 August 2013


Derek Moore, Me and Bill Oddie!

I arrived at Bird Fair at a much more respectable time today! It was windy and quite cold today, a real contrast from yesterday's sticky, humid weather.

Got some cracking pictures today of Bill Oddie with Derek Moore, David Lindo, Simon King, Johnny Kingdom and loads of video footage of the party later on.
 Simon King and Me Again!

 Derek Moore and Me!

David Lindo and Me!

 Johnny Kingdom and Me!

 Had an interesting chat with both Paramo, Country Innovations and Royal Robins about clothes for women birders – none of the companies sold a plan khaki green, long sleeved shirt. They have them for men but not for women – why not I ask? A member of staff on the Paramo stand told me that they sell far more of the green and cream (Moss check) checked shirt than they did of the plain khaki green shirt that they previously sold – but the gentleman told me that they do have lots of enquiries from women who prefer the plain shirt! Now, I for one don't want a girly checked shirt to go birding in, I want to wear a plain khaki green shirt and it's a very difficult item to find. Nearly all of the few birding shirts I own apart from one are men's shirts, you simply can't buy women's plain khaki shirts – big opening there for someone. All my trousers are men's too, you just can't find a nice pair of cut trousers in khaki green in the women's section of any shop. Maybe I should start my own clothes line "Penny's Hot Birding Wear for Women"?! Maybe I will have my own stand at next year's bird fair – how cool would that be!
 Visitors enjoying their lunch and listening to music in the Food Court.

 Gunnar Engblom sings 'Bird Party' with Ronnie Haar on guitar.

Gunnar Engblom sings 'Bird Party' whilst people enjoy their lunch.

Had a wonderful lunch sitting outside in the food marquee with Eddie M. who had got a lift to bird fair with Steve B. Listened to Gunnar Engblom singing about the bird party – this is such a catchy tune! The atmosphere sitting here at lunchtime was just wonderful and a brilliant spot to people watch! Also bumped into Norfolk County bird recorders Jacquie and Dave Bridges today. Spent £8 on raffle tickets on the Wild Wings stand to win the Antarctica trip, which MAG won last year.
 "Bird Brain of Britain".

 Spectators in the Events Marquee watching "Bird Brain" of Britain.

Watched "Bird Brain of Britain", hosted by Bill Oddie in the Events Marquee. The four contestants were: Adam Riley, Jonathan Meyrav, Adrian Pitches and Andy Musgrove – lots of banter, laughter and hugely entertaining as always. Stayed in the marquee to listen, well to watch really!, Nick Baker presenting 'The Nature Trekkers Handbook'.
 Nick Baker in the Events Marquee, presenting 'The Nature Trekkers Handbook'.

Other Pictures taken throughout the Day!


 Sir Ian Wallace.

 David Tipling.

 Stephen Moss.

 David Lindo signing autographs.

 David Lindo chats with visitors.

 David Lindo poses for the camera.

 Bill Oddie looking round one of the stands with Badger in tow! Go Bill!

 Bill Oddie and Derek Moore catch up, just before the picture of all three of us was taken.


Went back to the car for 40 winks before going to the BIRD PARTY! See next post for the party with loads of Videos added!

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