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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Father 's Operation in the QEH!

I have been constantly worried all day and don't know how I got through my job on so little sleep. Father went for his operation at 2pm and returned to the ward at 5pm. Mother was already there when I arrived and had paid £28.00 for a taxi with Abbey Cars from Holme to QEH – I just could not believe how much it cost her! Father survived the operation and looked really well when he came back from theatre, thank goodnesss. I didn't think he would make it with his past stroke history, I really didn't and was expecting the worst. The staff on Gayton ward were excellent and I know he has been left in good hands – some of my favourite nurses work on here, whom I have known for years. Obs were all good, BP: 124/85 and 36.6 Temp. Mother and I left at 5.40pm, got fish n chips in Hunstanton which I couldn't eat very much of as I felt too sick with tirdness to eat. The house was freezing at Holme, but Mother just managed to rescue the parkray fire before it burnt out. I filled up the coal skuttles etc and left. Had to drive with the window open to get home safely. Now back home and going to bed.

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