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Monday, 16 February 2015

New Job and Disasterous End To The day!

My new job went well today, very well indeed and I went home feeling good.

At 11pm I had a phone call from Vivien (sister) who was told not to tell me, because of my new job, but she did and yes she was right, I would have killed her if she hadn't of told me – Father rolled off the sofa and his hip is in agony – it must be bad for him to allow Mother to ring 999. I just can't believe this has happened and of all the days for it to have happened. At age 88 this is not good news at all. It's going to be a very long night and day.

UPDATE: So after several hours in A&E with my parents, the X-ray confirmed broken left hip. Father was just waiting to be transferred to a ward where we would not be allowed to go to anyway, so had to leave. I hated leaving, it killed me to leave him. Took Mother home and just arrived back in King's Lynn at 4.30am Tuesday. Is it worth going to bed when I'm at work at 8am? Probably not. Going to pray that someone gives me strength to get through the next 24 hours at work etc. My sister Vivien sounds so ill over the phone with flue type thing – she sounds like she can't breathe, she hasn't been able to lay down for three nights – she's off to GP in morning, hope another Clarke doesn't have to go to hospital! I can cope with most things, but with no sleep........

1 comment:

  1. Penny I was going to ask how your new start went. Just send you a hug. Hope things go ok been there my self. Chris