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Friday, 6 March 2015

Stress Levels Increase!

Its been a crap week and that's an understatement. Cleaning team have been in my house all week. My mattress has been taken away and will be replaced, so I will be on my camp bed when I move back in this weekend. All my clothes have been taken for laundering and I only have the bare minimum with me. All my camera gear is at a specialist's, waiting to be checked when the insurers say I can go ahead. Several items of my electrical equipment are smoke ruined, including hairdryer and hoover. The smoke smell is still in the airing cupboard, as this backs onto next door's immersion heater that set on fire, so have duck taped the cupboard up until their house is fumigated/cleaned of which there is no sign yet! The team of six that came out to my house were all lovely people which was nice. All the smoke filled loft insulation was removed yesterday.

Father was discharged home yesterday at 2pm by ambulance – don't know how they got him in the house with all the steps and foliage to duck under, but they did! It was an incredibly stressful afternoon and evening, that's all I will say. Carers coming out four times a day, but by the time they get there each time, Mother had helped Father already with what ever needs doing, so can't see them being needed much longer to be honest. I can't see how she is going to manage him with the sturn aid, which is very heavy to turn on their silly carpets and also because Father is not bringing himself forward enough in standing on the platform, which makes the sturn heavier to turn. Father is not happy with the re-arrangement of the living room at all and declares it will all be going back to how it was! It won't be though, because it can't – the piano is in the hall, the sofa has moved to where that was and a high armchair from the dining room has moved to where the sofa was with a commode next to it. Father has been issued a table as well, as this is where he will be eating all his meals now. Last night Father didn't sleep at all, as his hip was painful and he was not able to turn himself in bed. In the hospital bed, he was able to grab the rails to do this, but with only a bed lever fitted to his bed at home, it was impossible for him to turn himself over. To have a hospital bed at home would have mean't emptying the entire living room. I hope he sleeps better tonight.

I have had so many emotional days this week with everything going on and also other stuff I can't talk about yet. Can't take much more of all this. I have to spend the weekend putting my house back in order, buying stuff I need and then I will have to claim for etc. The positives are that I have thrown tons of stuff in preparation for my house move this year. Still coughing, still feel rubbish. Back to work on Monday. Birding.... what is that!!!

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