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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Heacham and Holme Visits

In brief, went to visit father in his new care home early evening. He was sitting in the conservatory crying his eyes out and stating that he wanted to go home and wanted 'the next train out of here!' I did manage to calm him down quite a bit and went up to his room to get his rug to put over his knees and a cadbury's caramel cake bar from his tin. He soon demolished the cake bar and a very kind member of staff informed me he had had a sandwich, banana and two chocolate mousses for his tea, which is far more than he eats at home! Father had had a difficult night and they had to give him something to calm him down, which resulted in him being lethargic for most of the day I was told.

Father fell asleep in the chair and I was so tired I nearly did too! Had an interesting and fascinating time talking to some of the residents!!! A blackbird hopped past the conservatory doors and I could hear a Blackcap singing. It started to rain heavily and the sound of raindrops on the conservatory roof was very relaxing. It was somehow comforting sitting here – but I saw sad faces that were not able to understand what was going on and happy faces that were not able to understand what was going on! Dementia is a very difficult thing for older people and their families. Someone kindly made me a coffee, which was very nice indeed, as not used to being waited on! I quietly said goodbye to Father without waking him up properly and left him peacefully at about 7.45pm. Each time I visit this home, I know I have picked the right place – I haven't seen a single member of staff that I don't like the look of yet – they all look very caring and kind.

Headed to Hunstanton to pick up chips for Mother and I – my arrival at 8pm mean't ALL the chip shops were closed! Plan B – went to the Indian restaurant and bought a vegetable biryani and peshwari nan bread for Mother and I to share. Arrived at Holme and we had a lovely time eating our meal together in the kitchen and this momentarily cheered her up. I left mother a treat of cakes I bought from the hospital volunteer shop. Got the cat into the shed in its bed for mother – still raining. Gave mother a big hug as I left and tried to reassure her everything would be ok. She looked so tired and disturbed this evening – its going to take a long time for her to recover – I intend to look after her and do some nice things in my two week holiday – one day to go!


  1. Hi Penny. Do give Erics fandc a try at Thornham.

  2. Hi Geoff and Pat – been there several times, thanks, much better than any in Hunstanton, but pricy!