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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life: The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond!

So the new year is here and I need to take control of my body and mind! Yesterday I decided to start the Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life diet, which I have done a few times before over the years. I have the original book, published in 2001 and followed the 'Detox' with excellent results all round. As a vegetarian, its not that difficult to follow really, but if you eat meat, fish and drink alcohol its going to be difficult to maintain! No processed foods are allowed, no animal or by products, no cheese, milk, eggs, wheat products, alcohol, sugar, chocolate etc! Basically, it teaches you that you can survive without any of the naughty foods that most of us crave!

The downside to this diet is that you spend a fortune on buying all the basic ingredients you need. The one item I could not find in King's Lynn was Buckwheat (even Holland and Barrett didn't have this). I have made some really fabulous things today, including vegetable and lentil soup, houmous, a rice dish,  baked banana with maple syrup, mixed spice and lemon. I don't really like Rye bread that much, but toasted with cashew nut butter its very nice indeed! It shocks you into realising how utterly crap all the processed foods are, that so many of us consume.

Why are all the good birds, so far east?! I better go and find some at this end of the coast tomorrow. I was too exhausted from work and other jobs last night, to leave my house today. There is a really good selection of birds on offer in Norfolk right now, hopefully there will be more to come – a Snowy Owl would be good please!

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