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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Storm Damage!

I hardly slept last night, not because of the gale, I just couldn't sleep. When I got up for work (my first day back after being unwell) I discovered a tree had been tossed into my back garden and another tree had fallen into my neighbour's garden too. Luckily my fence still looks intact, but I need to investigate this properly at the weekend. My neighbour's fence however, was completely demolished. After work and the supermarket run this evening, I popped round to the neighbour's house whose trees had fallen into our gardens to discuss this. The damage was far worse than I thought! The reason these two trees had fallen is because a humongous section of a massive willow tree (from a different neighbour), had come crashing down and flattened a huge shed and caught the two trees that had crashed into mine and another neighbour's garden! The couple I went to see showed me by torchlight the state of their shed!!! It was like a war zone! This willow tree is the biggest I have ever seen anywhere in my life and although it is a magnificent tree, its far too dangerous in a built up area – if the main central trunk was to fall it could crash through the middle of my house or two others, thank god that didn't go! Its going to be a big insurance job I was told, so the tree in my garden is hardly worth mentioning compared to the damage in the other neighbour's garden!

The willow tree belongs to the same neighbour that has a massive row of huge leyandi's, one of which crashed through my garden and greenhouse a few years back. I think he should have kept his trees trimmed to a safe height in the first place! Its such a pity these two trees have fallen, as they were full of birds in Spring and now I have nothing but a view of houses and for the first time I can see a busy road with cars going past. Another notch in the post, to make me sell up and move this year. I can't decided where to move to and what to buy – its very scary selling a house. This house is the only house I have bought and even though I have made a lot of dosh since purchasing this property, its still not enough to buy even a flat anywhere nice in Norfolk, due to the insane house prices/second home owner market. Norfolk is now the new London, that's how it feels to me at times.

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