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Saturday 2 October 2010

An Exciting Day, but not with birds!

Redpoll feeding on birch trees, Wells.

The most excitement I had today was with the Audi A3 - WOW what an awesome car - I WANT this car, I want this car soooooo much I will either have to sell the house to buy one or find myself a sugardaddy quick! Very dangerous letting me loose in this car - the speed was phenomonal!!! It takes all corners comfortably at any speed. I have fallen in love with this car. Now I know this sounds sad to be in love with a heap of metal, but it was the most beautiful car I have ever driven, its mine and it looks good in my drive! I have been smiling all day! Returning this car on Monday morning is going to be very, very difficult.

Anyway back to birding, hmmmm..... well not what I expected really today, but it was beautiful sunny weather.

I don't often go to Wells as I hate to pay for parking, but today I just thought it would be a good place to start. The ticket man was there, so there was no getting away with not paying, so I reluctantly put my money in the machine (£2.50 for 2 hours). Early on, the place was dripping with birds, blackcaps, robins, hedge sparrows, long tailed tits, blue, great and coal tits, blackbirds, 1 Garden Warbler, goldcrests and best of all a half a dozen Redpolls (got a record shot of one). Also tons of Siskins going over. I spent some time photographing black headed gulls overhead catching flies. Walked all round the Dell and beyond to a pond area. Photographed several different types of mushrooms. Found a few chiffchaffs but that was about it. Several people had seen redstarts and pied flys as well, but I didn't see any! Got back to car an hour over the ticket time and sat and had my lunch.

Pond in Wells Woods.

Fungi in the woods, Wells.


East Hills, Wells.

Wareham Greens, west track. Parked the car on the concrete pad and walked down the track to see absolutely nothing and returned to the car. News of a Melodious Warbler at Holkham changed my plans. I wished later on that I had stuck to my plans and continued to Cley and on to Kelling.

Holkham - parked up on the other side of the main road and walked down Lady Ann's Drive (not paying for parking twice in one day!) to find lots of familiar faces looking at absolutely nothing by the west path. I walked on as couldn't see the point of standing around. Walked as far as the cross tracks and walked down the path left by Joe Jordan's hide and round by the pond area where I photographed a bright yellow willow warbler sitting amongst red hawthorn berries. Also several goldcrests flitting about in the tall pine along with a few chiffchaffs. No sign of the Wood Warbler or Yellow browed Warbler, right of the cross tracks. Walked back and joined other birders to walk from Holkham beach gap east, a very long way, to view 2 Shorelarks at 6pm which I managed to get a distant record shot of. Also a single Lapland Bunting flew over. Watched an photographed 3 large bats! It seemed to take forever to get back to my car.

Meals House, Holkham.

Willow Warbler near the Joe Jordon Hide, Holkham.

Two Shorelarks, The Saltings, Holkham.

Two large Bats over the pines at Holkham.

Flew home!!!!!! Just in time for X-Factor!!!

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