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Saturday 16 October 2010

Seawatching at Cley, Lizards and another Pallas's Fix!!!

Gannets, Cley Coastguards.

Brent Geese, Cley Coastguards.

Gannet and a Red throated Diver, Cley Coastguards.

Two Guillemots, Cley Coastguards.

Glorious Sunshine all day!


Rolled up in the Cley beach carpark at a later time than intended (nothing new there!) and joined Connor, Billy and Simeon for a seawatch - we sat on the shingle amongst all the action!

My list between 11am and 12pm was: 4 Great Skuas 5 Red Throated Divers, 28 Gannets, 13 Common Scoter, 18 Auk sp., 31 Brent Geese, 3 Skylarks in off sea (S. picked up) and Redwings continuously flew over our heads. Connor, Billy and Simeon then left to go to Wareham and I went off to Walsey Hills.

Walsey Hills

Spent a long time here which was quite risky really as no phone signal, so no way of knowing if I was missing any thing good!!! One brambling by the feeders and another one calling in the back willows. Usual tit flock at the feeders. When I crept round the centre path I found several chiffchaffs and blackcaps, but not alot else. Stood by the willows at the back for ages hoping for something exciting but nothing more than a blackcap and the brambling calling. Photographed Common Darters that had settled on the alexandra leaves (see picture). The most exciting thing happened today - I noticed that there were several sand wasps around the railway sleepers up by the top of the steps, so went back to car and got the macro lens out - when I returned I noticed a lizard was basking in the sunshine, so naturally took some pictures. A bit later something magical happened. I noticed a shiny, beady, little eye peering out from the smallest hole in the wood - it was the lizard! and as I was photographing this, another beady little eye appeared - two lizards peeping out of the hole, priceless! Very sadly though for some reason I couldn't get both of them in focus (see pictures). Photographed a hoverfly aswell as the sand wasps and a ladybird.

Robin, Walsey Hills.

Common Lizards, Walsey Hills.

Two Lizards peeping out!


Sandwasps, Walsey Hills.

Metallicky fly!!!!?

Hoverfly - need to check which one?

Honey Bee I think?

Common Darter.

Warham Greens

Arrived here and parked the car opposite the middle track and walked down the track a few yards to join others watching the Pallas's Warbler in the top of the oak tree. It performed very differently to the Burnham Overy ones that I photographed - some record shots below. I was so unprepared for a Hen Harrier that flew right over all our heads at 4.50pm - by the time I got the camera on it, it was quite a way off. A barn owl was quartering the field distantly. Photographed chaffinches, robin and a hedge sparrow on the hawthorn bushes. Drove home.

Pallas's Warbler, Warham Greens.

Ringtail Hen Harrier, flew over whilst watching the Pallas's Warbler!

Hedge Sparrow, Warham Greens.

Robin, Warham Greens.

Chaffinch, Warham Greens.

The most famous rarity finder in Norfolk and probably anywhere!!!
Note Barn Owl also in picture!

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