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Friday 1 October 2010

Got a set of wheels for the weekend!!!!!!!

There is a selection of cars at work that are insured for business and private use, so I asked at the hospital yesterday if they had any cars to lease out, but sadly there wasn't any left, but they put me on the cancellation list. Today, very luckily one became available for me. I was expecting it to be the people carrier which is horrible to drive for me, being short as I can barely see over the bonnet, or maybe the Berlingo van - fine, as used to driving this when I worked in the print room or maybe one of the other estate cars BUT they have loaned me, wait for it an AUDI A3!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooo!!!!!! Such a pity its not summer - I would so be cruising around if it was!!!!! Ok maybe not, as its 48p a mile (but that does include the diesel). Testing it out around town when I went to collect stuff out of my Hyundai at the garage it drove beautifully - ok incorrect description - it goes like stink!!!!!! Just hope I don't have to do a long twitch at the weekend!

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