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Sunday 3 October 2010

A relaxed day's birding

That Monday feeling!!!

Arrived Kelling Water Meadows at 7.55am after a nippy journey from King's Lynn in the Audi A3!!! I daren't confess how quickly I got here - its a good job the car is being returned tomorrow morning really!

Rain looked imminent so put all the waterproofs on and set off down the track. A chiffchaff was calling along the path and a few linnets and Siskens flew overhead. Watched the Red-necked Phalarope at 8.30am and until 9.10am. A kestrel sat on the fence wire near the pool. Searched up the track that diverts left by the pool, for the Barred Warbler that was there yesterday, but no luck. Stood up on the shingle ridge to admire the view, weather much brighter now. Trudged back to the car in the mud and puddles and had a quick look in the bookshop/tearooms opposite just so I could use the loo!

Where the Barred Warbler should have been!

Red-necked Phalarope, Kelling Water Meadows.

Fungi along the track to Kelling Water Meadows.

Parked at the Iron Road (track opposite Sarbury Hill) and walked up the hill and round by the field side. Through a gap in the hedge I watched yellowhammers, chafffinches, greenfinches, a tit flock, blackbirds, robins and 2 Redwings feeding off Sloe berries.

Found this in the field adjacent to Sarbury Hill, Salthouse - ?

Lunch at the Cley NWT Visitor Centre: Jacket Potato with cheese and coleslaw + Salad.

Walsey Hills - as soon as I parked up it started to rain heavily. I don't mind birding in the rain at all, but I couldn't see the point in getting wet when there's not much about. I waited for the rain to stop and slept and snoozed, woke up, re-snoozed - 2 hours passed!!! Rain stopped. Walked round Walsey Hills - nothing of note apart from the usual tit flock of great, blue, coal and long tailed tits and chiffchaffs and robins.

Parked the car at Old Woman's Lane and walked to Daukes' Hide. Eddie M. was also in the hide along with a few other birders. This was the best part of the day, the sun shone beautifully. The Red-necked Phalerope that had been at Kelling was now here on Simmonds' Scrape, very distantly until 6.10pm (not worth cropping a dot in the picture!). A posing Wheatear sat on the fence/wire for me to photograph (see pic). Marsh harriers majestically glided over the reed beds and 2 Spoonbills flew east over the scrape. A kestrel hovered directly in front of the hide.

Kestrel hovering above Daukes' Hide, Cley NWT.

Shoveler in front of Daukes' Hide, Cley NWT.

Wheatear in front of Daukes' Hide, Cley NWT.

Marsh Harrier in front of Daukes' Hide, Cley NWT.

Greylag Geese landing in front of Daukes' Hide, Cley NWT.

Left here at 6.15pm and drove home.

No car after tomorrow morning!

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