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Monday 11 October 2010



Stiffkey/Warham Greens and Weybourne!

News of Pallas's Warbler came through on the RBA website, so I diverted to Burnham Overy Dunes 'parking spot' which was completely full, so I decided to carry on and find my own Pallas's Warbler at Stiffkey!!!

Parked up at Stiffkey Campsite Carpark and walked west.

I spent ages around and in the 'Pit' but sadly:-C found nothing apart from alot of redwings. The best birding here was when I walked up the furthest, western track where tons and tons of redwings, blackbirds and song thrushes scattered in all directions, the whole length of the track! I was looking into the sun, so couldn't really see anything very well, but decided to look properly when I walked back down again. When I got to the concrete pad I walked off right along a field edge to a small copse thinking I might find something good in there, but nothing apart from 2 pheasants! Walked back and sat on edge of field eating a late lunch at 2.30pm. Gary (don't know his second name) and Ashley (from Oriole Birding) turned up and beat me going back down the track - I caught up with them and they had 2 Redstarts (I didn't see any). News then came up of a Red-flanked Bluetail at Burnham Overy Dunes!!!!!!! If only I had twitched the Pallas's earlier.... I would have already been there now for the RFB!

East Hills, from the most Western Warham track.


Walked back to car which took forever, didn't see anything particular on the way back. Bumped into a man who had seen a yellow browed warbler near the whirlygig and also had watched earlier, loads of redstarts flicking back and forth from the hedge along the track which reads 'PRIVATE'. Back at the car I chatted with birders going out to look for the Olive backed Pipit - one man said he had searched for 4 hours for it this morning with no luck. Was about to drive to Burnham Overy Dunes when I got a HOT phone call to tell me that a RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL had been caught at Weybourne and would be released at 4.05pm - looked at my watch it was 3.40pm! I was assured that I would make it in time! Well you can imagine the journey, a bus in front, drivers doing 35mph in a 60mph, a pick up truck with trailer pulled out from a side road in front of me and drove like a snail, talk about FRUSTRATING! Anyway I can't quite believe I made it BUT I did!!!!! Pulled into the carpark area to a crowd of birders, slung the car to the side and jumped out with camera - I really had made it with seconds to spare! Sadly though I wasn't standing in the best spot for photos and light was the wrong side by hey ho! AWESOME!!! Also met two lady birders 'Pauline' and 'Betty' who I had a nice chat with - they seemed to know me already, think they read my blog! Thank you sooo much to my 'hot' caller - had they not called me, I would not have seen the RFB, as I do not have a pager anymore and the RBA website, via my iphone is approx 7 minutes behind...... and 7 minutes makes all the difference in that situation!


Weybourne - 4.05pm.

Caught and ringed by Martin Preston - thank you!

Anyway I looked at my watch and thought would I possibly be able to see two in one day - how cool that would be!!!! Raced over to Burnham Overy and got a space on the roadside and walked/ran to the end of the board walk. Pallas's not showing when I flew past, so carried on - everyone I passed said 'the bluetail is still showing' - would I be lucky? Carried on, getting out of breath, heart beating furiously, feet aching etc, passed Carl Chapman who said 'its still there' - when I passed Carl I was only 50 yards away from where people were watching. As I joined them (approx 5.15pm), they were trying to relocate the bird:eek!: we searched and searched to find nothing but dozens of robins and redwings - how sad, it would have been awesome to see two on the same day! Horrible Dip:-C Walked back in semi-darkness but towards the end, the torch had to come out for the second time this week!!!

Along with my two Common Cranes going over my house this morning (see post below) it was another excellent day!!!

Drove to my parents and showed them this week's photos. Got home 10pm!

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