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Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Busy, Expensive Day with no Birds!

I have not had time to go birding today (sad face). The winds are ferocious here, so not an ideal day to go out birding anyway. Had a nice lay-in this morning as last week has been manic.

Spent the morning researching my Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Printer that I purchased a few years ago now and I am totally ashamed to say I have not connected it up yet. When I attempted to connect it to my old G4 it wouldn't play ball. Now I have my MacBook Pro I am hoping it will. Only problem is, the inks I bought for it are now infuriatingly out of date and they are not cheap at all - in fact when I went to PC World the bill would have come to an astonishing £174.00! and no I didn't buy them. You can't use inks three years out of date as it clogs the head of the printer and it costs more to replace this than to buy a new one! After much research on the net I realised I would be better to purchase Permajet's continuous ink systems, see: and refills here: – still expensive, but after reading lots of reviews etc etc it seems a better system and more value for money. Will have to sort this later in the year as too expensive right now.

Plan B: I purchased a Canon Pixma iP4850 Multifunction Inkjet Printer £99 from PC World in King's Lynn and a extra set of Inks which had 10% off when bought at the same time as the printer. Also paid for 3 years cover which was quite cheap. They didn't have any in stock, but one is coming from another store on Monday.
Canon Pixma iP4850 review | Expert Reviews

Bought an 1930s Barley Twist Draw Leaf Table out of a second hand furniture shop in King's Lynn for £30 - well it was more than that, but that's what I got it down to! I bought this to extend my computer work station area. I would have preferred something modern but it would have cost a fortune to buy and this table is solid as a rock and will last until I am pushing up daisies!

Went to my parents this afternoon to deliver some shopping and also mother's birthday card and present for next week. There had been quite a major accident at the Babingly Dip or locally known as 'Cat's Bottom' which is the big dip just before Wolverton (before the turn off for Golden Pheasants) - several mangled cars, hope it was better than it looked! This piece of road is notorious for accidents. Father gave me a massive typing job to do, which will take a very long time to complete. Where has the day gone! I have not even done my photo assignment yet for my course - oh dear! I need two weekends in one this week!


  1. Penny,
    Buy any future ink supplies from miles cheaper than pc worked.

  2. Maybe for your course you have to make your own prints. Its a good thing to know, especially how to get the prints to match the monitor etc. An alternative (when everything is behind schedule and you would rather be birding) is an online printer like
    If you ever need a big print I have a 24" roll fed printer in my workspace in KL.

    Enjoy your course.


  3. Ink is a rip-off.

    As for the A149 Hunstanton Road I do not like it either. For Lynn to Titchwell suggest it better from the top roundabout the head on the Fakenham Road to Hillington left past Flitcham on the B1153 to Docking and thence Choseley.

  4. Richard - thank you for information about 7 Day Shop.

  5. Nigel - thank you for your advice and very kind offer!

    Just been looking at your photography blog - you have some stunning pictures!

  6. Paul - I usually do take the Flitcham route if I am going directly to Titchwell, but take the A149 if going to Holme.