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Monday 28 November 2011

BIRDFORUM steals the Number One Spot!

Birdforum have stolen the Number One spot in the 'Fat Birder's Top 500 Ranking' - see here. Will I ever get there? Ha ha - maybe, possibly, well actually no, never. Does it matter anyway? No. Of course it matters!!!!!! Now, maybe if I posted something raunchy - hmmmm......... Being serious now, the highest I ever got in the 'rankings' was 20 something or other, when I was amongst the first to post pictures of James McCallum's Alder Flycatcher on Blakeney Point.

Birdforum was actually the reason I started my blog. I used to post my sightings on the Norfolk thread and had a habit of waffling on about other stuff - how dare I!!!!! A few members complained about me 'going off thread' and 'what had that got to do with the Norfolk thread' - fair enough, so I decided to start my own blog, so I could waffle as much as I liked, about anything I liked and when I liked and no one could stop me!!!! I soon realised what fun it was to have an on line diary. I still post on Birdforum - its a fabulous site and certainly the best place for reading all the latest up to the minute info on a rare bird - you need to join the site to see the rare birds thread though, but its free to join. The only real downside to keeping up a blog is the massive amount of time spent sorting, choosing, editing and adding pictures!!! I do wish I was paid though, that would be great! I spend a huge amount of time writing posts sometimes and then realise I actually should have been in bed hours ago! On that note, goodnight!