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Saturday 26 November 2011

Lazy Day!

After a stressful end on Friday to a manic week at work, I drove to Barclays through the typical Friday night traffic to pay some urgent bills. I had just made it in time, or so I thought. As the second hand on my watch was just ticking towards the closing time of 5pm, I sprinted across the Tuesday Market Place and rushed through the doors like a whirlwind - I was horrified to find loads of workmen in the store and no staff! I just stood there aghast - one of the workmen explained that the branch had closed and a new one in the high street would be opening on Monday - bl**dy great!

I decided not to get up early on Saturday morning. I had a very late breakfast and then went to Currys to look at ovens - my oven is so old, its probably older then me and its basically had it, yep that's me aswell! I looked and realised I couldn't afford to buy one anyway. The new store "The Range" on Hardwick Industrial Estate is creating massive traffic problems - it took me ages to get out of the estate.

I was going to stay at home today, to do loads of jobs and with my yearly appraisal coming up in two weeks, I really should be doing some case studies, but decided I couldn't possibly stay in, especially being as I am working tomorrow. So I escaped, like a rebellious teenager!

The car made its way along the A149 and I ended up at Cley - surprise, surprise! Silly really as I didn't get there until mid afternoon. Popped into the visitor centre and noticed that "The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2012" has been published and I have been plugged!!!!! In the 'Blog' section, where only three blogs have been listed - an excerpt from this read '......the best blog I've seen written by a woman.......' - well, thank you very much!!!! Although, I certainly wouldn't describe my blog as that - my only criticism is that my name has been spelt wrong, but hey ho! It would be a whole lot better if I got round to sorting out all photographs taken since July and actual add them to the blog - IT WILL BE DONE!

Joined Eddie in Bishop's Hide to watch a distant Green-winged Teal asleep - awesome views - ha ha!!! A robin was hopping along the path to the hide and two mute swans were in the dyke. A few marsh harriers were cruising over the reedbeds, wavering in the increasing winds.

Got my sea fix at Coastguards, even though I saw very little. A few gannets, kittiwakes, a guillemot, a razorbill and a pied wagtail were the only birds I saw. There were a really weird bunch of people standing in the side of the shelter, all lighting tealights one by one and as each tealight was lit, someone shouted 'fire'. The amusing thing was that I heard a couple of them question what we were doing with our telescopes, 'they are watching wildlife I think', exclaimed one of them!!!! I saw our behaviour quite normal in comparison!!! There were loads of Brent Geese on the Eye Field close to Beach Road and later on they took off and flew towards Blakeney Point against pink and grey, moody skies.

Drove back to King's Lynn and spent some of my evening watching X-Factor - 'Misha B' IS the X-Factor, second choice 'Little Mix' and third choice 'Marcus'.

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