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Thursday 3 November 2011

A career change?

After spending over 20 years as a typesetter/artworker I most definately have a wealth of experience, but lack photoshop skills. Yes I can do the basics, but you have to be a wizard in photoshop and all other software packages to get anywhere nowadays and also being under 30 helps aswell!!!

Anyone out there want to employ me? – (note 'en' rule used) or an — ('em' rule) I fancy a career change. I miss being creative and I need to earn some serious dosh!!!

If anyone wants anything re-designing, please email me!


  1. Hi Penny.

    I too am having to take a make a radical change. Having worked as the Wildlife Officer in Regent's Park for 34 years, the Royal Parks have decided that they know longer need feel that wildlife is important. Therefore I am having to take an office based job at Bushey/Richmond Park. I hope you get lucky and find what you are after.


  2. Penny

    I've been thinking about a career change too!
    Been in the printing trade since Shakespeare wanted some 'fine books printed' well, it seems that way anyway!!
    I had a short spell out of work last year and it was scary, after 52 applications (and only one reply!) I manged to get work at Letts (the diary people) but that was only because I knew someone, not because of my skill set.
    My recommendation to you is to set up a wee design company, and use a good printing company to get your work done, this could be done outwith your current job (and birding!!) until you have enough clients to go FT.
    You have the equipment (Macs etc) and the knowledge, and IMHO you're much better working for yourself than someone else!!
    Go for it Penny, you can do it!

    If I can help in any way, email me.

  3. Tony - so sorry to hear this! Working in an office will be difficult after working outside all that time! Mind you - it does have advantages in rotten weather!!!

  4. Malc - setting up as a freelance designer is my eventual plan - it has been for a long time. I see so many natural history publications (and others) designed badly - eg badly cropped pictures, bad layout/design - bad choice of font, colour usage, weight of paper etc etc. I know I could do a better job!!! May sound big headed - BUT I have been in the print trade for most of my life until recent years! So one day, hopefully not in the too decent future......

    Thank you very much for your encouragement and your offer of help.

  5. I used to do pasteup/artwork for a printing company as well, did it for 15 years till the place went into administration. These days it seems to go straight from computer to printing without out any of the process in between,so I would be completely lost as well. hope you get what you are looking for though.
    Cheers Colin.