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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Two hours Birding

Several jobs to do today including taking my mother's cycle for repair and service at A E Wallis at Heacham. My parents both insisted that the bike would not fit in my 'tiny little car'. I insisted that it would. I was right, but it only just fitted in the back of the Skoda though! I was very impressed with the shop's service – they completed the work this afternoon and I picked up the bike at the end of the day.

I only managed to get out birding for a couple of hours today. I walked from Brancaster Staithe along the coastal footpath to Brancaster and back and had the grand total of 6 blackbirds, 1 robin and 3 little egrets. Poor old show of birds. Very strong, blustery south winds and no sun when I was out. I checked out the Waxwings at Beach Road, Holme, but coudn't find them anywhere.

It's my father's birthday on Friday and he will be 86 – he said he doesn't want any presents and doesn't want to do anything nice. His stubbornness has increased even more since his stroke, it is so very sad they he doesn't want to do anything at all nowadays, both mother and I find it so frustrating. We are constantly attempting to get him interested in doing things, but he's not having none of it. He was so active pre-stroke and was constantly a busy bee. To be fair his eyesight is getting worse because of his macular degeneration which doesn't help either. I do sometimes get him laughing, although not very much nowadays. Everything that is offered to help him and improve his wellbeing is turned down, exasperating!

As I returned home this evening, I had forgotten it was Halloween and as I turned into the estate where I live there, were lots of witches, goblins and ghouls with buckets for their treats.  I just managed to get in the house and keep the lights turned out until they had all disappeared!

I noticed that Andy Brown reported 37 Shags coming in to roost at Hunstanton Cliffs yesterday - Wow what a record! I must go and see this spectacle before the end of my holiday. I had planned to go this evening, but by the time I picked up mother's bike the light had just disappeared completely. I just hate these short days – roll on spring!

Main Highlights in Norfolk – RBA
Richard's Pipit at West Runton
Shorelark at Holkham and also at Cley
White-rumped Sandpiper x 2 at Cley
Common Rosefinch at Winterton
Waxwings x 16 at Holme
Little Auks x 2 at Salthouse
Black Redstart at 'Cleyspy', Cley
Black Redstart at Heacham
Snowbuntings at Titchwell and Cley
Firecrest at Wells

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