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Thursday 4 October 2012

Passed my Test!

I'm now a St John Ambulance First Aider!

There were eleven of us on the "First Aid at Work" course for the last three days. This morning was spent role playing in preparation for this afternoon's assessments. After lunch we were assessed and tested. We sat and waited in the 'rest room' and as one young lad remarked, it was like waiting for the dentist! I hate tests, its like being back at school. There were three different scenarios: one was resuscitation with no bystanders to assist, the second was an unconscious casualty who was breathing, again with no bystanders and the third was a casualty at work who had severe bleeding from a scissor wound and they were in shock and distressed – a bystander was there to assist. I passed all three assessments! One of the lads had us crying with laughter as he had had a bit of a hard time with one of the scary looking, older lady assessors and he wanted to make sure he passed the other two assessments – so when the same lady came to collect him for his third and final assessment he started off by saying 'right lets get this show on the road sweetheart' which made her smile as she led him away. When he came back into the room he also told us the lady actress casualty who was approx 60 years old, smiled when he called for the ambulance and declared that a 21 year lady had severe bleeding to the arm and needed urgent assistance! His charm worked a treat and he passed! I will miss those people I have got to know over the last few days, they were all great people. I will receive my certificate in approximately two weeks! St John Ambulance also insure you to carry out First Aid outside of work when you become a First Aider.

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