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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bogus or Genuine?

Yesterday my mother asked for my advice about something medical as she insanely stubborn about going to GP, she simply won't go - drives me mad! So I said I was going to ring for District Nurse to come out tomorrow. She responded to this as she usual does with lots of anger and that she didn't want me to and that she would make sure she was out etc, usual conversation we have!

I didn't ring her GP this morning for a number of reasons, but anyway, this evening my mother rings me at 6.35pm to say that two female nurses turned up at her house today to check her blood pressure. She didn't call them to come out and neither had I! She wasn't suspicious at all as she presumed that it was me that had rung them, which I can understand after our conversation last night! I was horrified that these might be bogus nurses. Lots of details didn't add up. Frustratingly my mother told me this, minutes after her surgery had closed this evening, so can't ring them until tomorrow morning to find out if they were genuine or not! They took her BP and didn't tell her what it was, she asked them as they were walking out of the door. They said they may have to come back, but they didn't say why or when. Even if they were genuine, the surgery are going to receive a strong phone call from me in the morning – turning up unannounced, not showing ID, not bothering to tell her what her BP was and her having to ask as they walked out of the door and not explaining why they may need to come back. My mother's BP was high, so you would have thought they would chatted about this to her and discussed possible tablets etc, but they said nothing apart from 'they may have to come back'.

I wrote some of the above on facebook, knowing that several old school friends and parents live in the same village, just in case the same thing had happened to anyone else today. It hadn't, but everyone agreed it didn't sound right to just turn up unannounced etc. I decided to ring the police on 101 just to see if they had any calls from anyone else today – I spoke to a very nice policeman who also agreed it didn't sound right and to ring back straight away tomorrow if I found out from the surgery that two of their nurses did not visit my mother today!

So with a long phone call to my sister Vivien about this and then news of a Franklin's Gull turning up at Cley this evening, all the important things I was supposed to be doing this evening didn't get done!

So, I phone my mother's surgery this morning before I go to work. They had no call logged and no member of their staff came out to see my mother yesterday! But the surgery said to ring another number where the district nurses were based (won't go into loads of details for confidentiality reasons).  The surgery normally phone this 'other' team to request a district nurse to go out if required, but they did not do this. I then phoned the 'other' team who also knew nothing about any visits to my mother. At this point I am seriously worried and the different people I spoke to on both teams agree its sounds very odd and suspicious and so I immediately phone mother to tell her to stay in house, lock door and wait for police to contact her. I then phoned the police to log the incident officially. The police then ring my mother to speak to her and take descriptions of the nurses etc information etc and gave her general advice and security information. I got to work an HOUR late which really stressed me out and obviously affects my job. Various people higher up the rankings rang me in the morning trying to assist with the situation. It wasn't until 1pm that someone (high up) rang me with a huge apology. Two Health Care Assistants HAD been to visit my mother and thought that my mother was someone else!!! That's why there was nothing logged for my mother in her name!!! Unbelievable!!! So they came to treat Mrs F. and thought my mother was Mrs F!!!! That's what I was told anyway...... mother insists that they said 'Mrs Clarke' when they came to the door, but according to the person that rang me the two HCA's said 'Mrs F....'. I KNOW my mother heard correctly, she was insistent about that. Ok, so the good news is they WERE health care professionals, BUT I am fuming to say the least, that they came out to treat my mother as someone else. What if for example, my mother was someone who had dementia and they came to issue medicine of some kind or an injection....... Scary! They reported the incident officially and I WILL be writing a formal complaint. I have had some very apologetic and 'nice' phonecalls. Obviously they were hoping I wasn't going to complain, but I most certainly am. This has caused my family tons of unnecessary stress. My mother and I are mirror image in some ways, but my mother is far too nice in these situations and said 'oh we don't want to get anyone in trouble.....' Well, I'm sorry, this is where we differ hugely. Heads need to roll!!!

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