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Friday, 8 August 2014

Gramborough Hill!

Sunrise at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse this morning.

At 5.30am, 2 Linnets, a female Blackcap and a Whitethroat in the bushes at Gramborough Hill and Sand Martins on the cliff. Grey Heron, Curlew, 3 Shelducks, Black-headed Gull and 2 Redshanks in the pools just before the hill. Gull roost at Little Eye, but no sign of the Franklin's Gull! Several Pied Wagtails flitting about in Beach Road.
I am sure some of you have been wondering, what the hell I was doing there at that time?!! Well after a rubbish day at work yesterday and leaving late, I eventually got to Cley late evening in hope of jamming in on the Franklin's Gull that James M. found the night before. There were several people in Dauke's Hide and others at North Scrape (screen/was hide) waiting for the said gull to drop in. I was shattered before I started my drive to Cley and I felt beyond exhaustion when I got there – completely wasted my time and diesel – no sign of the gull. Don't ask why I made that utterly, crazy decision. I felt dangerously tired, so a very good friend, very kindly let me 'doss' on their sofa overnight. I got up as quietly as I could in the morning, locked the door and put the key through letterbox.

So, I had just over an hour to go birding before having to drive back home to King's Lynn!!! Wouldn't it be great I thought, to find an amazing bird in the bushes at Gramborough Hill, whilst the 'square' snoozed away. Imagine seeing this bird, photographing it, texting to RBA, driving to work and then the world awakening to a mega bird – wake up Penny! Ok, so I didn't find a mega, but the light was so beautiful at 5.30am and it was a joy to be out at that time, it really was.
 Sunrise at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse this morning.

At work I had a day from hell and that's a massive understatement. Zonked out completely when I got home. Need to go to the supermarket desperately, but no energy left, not an ounce.

To add to my crappy day, next door's dog has been left alone and is howling like a pack of wolves, no sleep for me, great! Anyone know a rich man with a house on the coast with maybe a swimming pool, rolling gardens and land etc etc away from this mayhem let me know please!!!!! Hmmmm let me think....Johnny Depp doesn't live too far away at Burnham Thorpe!

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