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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Unfortunately I won't be going to the Rutland Bird Fair this year, which I'm sure will shock a few of you! Yes, I know that means not seeing Simon King for two years... that will be difficult, but I'm sure he won't miss me, with his entourage of women!!! So, if you are reading this Simon and to Debbie (his sister), enjoy Bird Fair and I'll hopefully see you in August 2015. Also a special hello to Carl Browne on the Guyana stand and also to the lovely lady (can't remember her name) on the 'Women for Conservation' stand, David Lindo, Tim and Irene on the Fair Isle stand, Bo Boelens, Tim Appleton, Bill Oddie, Steve K & Andy B and everyone else!!! Sorry to hear that Derek Moore will not be attending this year. Hope you all have a fabulous time and see you at the next bird fair! I love photographing all the people and TV personalities and the vibrant exhibitor stands and I will miss this, but there's always next year. So, sorry there won't be any report and pictures for the three day event from me this time! I will miss going, but I have to seriously cut down on my spending this year! I had booked this Friday off to go, but will spend it birding instead.

For any of you that have never been to the Bird Fair and are thinking of going, then go! Its an amazing event for all ages and covers every aspect of birding. I hope you all have a fabulous time at Bird Fair 2014 and see you all the following year.

For those of you that have recently started reading my blog, here are links to my accounts for Bird Fair last year to tempt you to go if you've never been!

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