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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Day 3 – Planning

A very weird day, having not been to sleep last night. I spent the morning printing out important documents and advice about the legal side of someone dying. Listening to music for inspiration for the funeral with help from J.F., thank you. Printed off lots of messages of condolences to show Mother. I look a serious state today and didn't even brush my hair until this evening, look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!

Picked Lucy up after lunch and headed to Holme. We stopped at the Ringstead shop and choose a beautiful card with three sparkly owls sitting on a branch, representing her three daughters! Vivien, Lucy and I each wrote in this card and gave to Mother later on – I was crying as I gave it to her – I just can't stop crying – its driving me crazy.

My Mother received a lovely hand delivered card from Jackie Arnold, her son and daughter Tim Arnold and Miranda Jeavons from Holme – known them since year dot! My sisters and I went to Holme Primary School with Miranda and Tim – thank you so much. Vivien had not slept a wink since she had been staying with Mother and left in the afternoon to return to Ely for a couple of nights so she can catch up on sleep.

Lucy and Mother were discussing music for the funeral and made a list, but not decided yet. Everything seems surreal – I felt like I was in a bubble all day and in a bad dream. We had a lovely phone call from Audrey and Maurice Ecceshall  (long time NOA members) – thank you both xx.

The cat had her third and final de-flea, which was more successful than last time – if this doesn't work, she'll be off to the vets. The odd thing is, that we have not seen any fleas, I don't think she has – think she has something else going on, but not sure what.

I lost some of my fencing in my back garden on Storm Doris and RIP day – don't know when that will be sorted. The neighbours will have to wait – I did go round and explain it wouldn't get done for a while, I think they understood. Far more important things to sort than broken fence panels.

I have had a huge amount of messages across social media and by email, but this one really made me smile from the man himself, Lee Evans – note my comment at the bottom! Also see the latest comment on my post on Thursday – where Father told someone off for driving too fast along the Firs Road to see a Red-backed Shrike at the observatory! Also note my reply! Its these little tales that are bringing a little joy to my soul.
Lucy and I left around 8pm to go back to King's Lynn. I didn't want to leave Mother alone, but she seemed to be ok. I will be back in the morning. Spent the evening washing Father's clothes from the care home that we needed to keep etc, his rug and other stuff. Good Night.

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