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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Revamping The Blog & More!

I woke up exhausted from work and pottered around today. I was fascinated by the huge response of donations to the NOA Window Fund and became a little obsessed with checking the My Donate website every so often and retweeting my original post to reach as many people as possible! I still can't believe that the total has been achieved already! Incredible and thank you all again.

I suddenly felt the urge to have a revamp and Spring clean of the blog, which I have been meaning to do for a while – this took far longer than expected. It won't look much different to most of you, but basically I have shuffled things around in the right hand column into a more logical order and added some new features, updated old ones and removed links that don't work anymore. It took forever to add my youtube link! Does anyone know how to make an email address link to directly opening a new email in someone's mail account please?

I forgot to say earlier in the week – on Thursday I picked my Mother up from a hospital appointment after I finished work and we visited Father on the way back to Holme. He was wearing his new jumper that Mother had bought him for Christmas, which was nice for her to see. He had been shouting just before we arrived, that he 'wanted to go home' – oh dear, I didn't expect him to still be saying this, which was sad. When he realised we were both there, he burst into tears for a short while, but I worked hard on continuously chatting about all kinds of things to keep his attention and to cheer him up – this seemed to work eventually! He had had his tea already, but when I asked if he was still hungry, he replied 'yes', so I requested a banana which I mashed up with a small piece of Nigel Playford's (Manager) coffee birthday cake – this went down very well – this is Father's favourite cake and we were kindly offered a piece too, it was exceptional yummy! My favourite cake too!

I have very fond memories of my Father's evening visit to our Great Aunty Ile, who lived in Hanover Gardens, Hunstanton – she made him a scrumptious coffee cake every week and he would craftily take it directly to the observatory! He would keep it in his bag on the vespa scooter in the shed overnight, until he left in the morning! If he had brought it into the family home, it would have disappeared in seconds! Being as I spent far more time at the observatory than my siblings, I enjoyed a good few pieces of that treasured coffee cake!

Birding tomorrow, dawn 'til dusk!


  1. Try following the easy tutorial on the following page to add a link to email you.

    1. Hi Louis - A lady called Ann also kindly emailed me with the same information, thank you both very much indeed. My email is now linked!