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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Day 6 – Burnt Out!

I didn't want to get out of bed at all this morning – I could have stayed there all day, just managed to get out before midday. Phoned the number that the coroner gave me to book an appointment to register the death and collect the death certificates – I was shocked to hear that there were no appointments today at all and there was only one tomorrow – I was expecting to get this sorted today!

Went over to Hunstanton to give Father's final set of clothes to the Funeral Directors, John Lincoln. Father has still not been collected from the mortuary at the QEH, they were hoping to collect him today. Doesn't that sound awful, 'collect' – how else can you say it! All so clinical and cold – I find it very disturbing that he has been sitting in cold storage since Thursday – it seems so cruel and souless – he know he's dead, but its still not nice at all. My posts seem to be getting increasingly more morbid daily – apologies!

I then popped into the florist next door to enquire about a wreath without flowers – sounds weird doesn't it! Father requested no flowers. I was told we could have a wreath made up with dried grasses, berries, twigs, thistles etc and it sounded very nice, may go with this, may not – need to consult with my Mother and sisters – or we could cut some marram grass from the dunes and tie a green ribbon around, it would certainly be considerably cheaper! Father would have hated us spending any money on flowers or wreathes!

Sat in my car on the cliff top to make an important phone call, to find out if our unique plan for after the funeral is going to be able to take place – will have to wait until a day or two to find out if it can go ahead or not – will keep my fingers crossed, as don't know what we will do if it can't! I then headed to Holme to join Mother and Vivien. More discussions and planning. Mother looked so sad today – everything is so difficult to deal with. Hail storm in the afternoon!

The time just disappeared and before I knew it I had to head back to King's Lynn for my three monthly hair cut. See post below. Cards had arrived from Malcom and Eileen and Frank E., thank you all and more emails with beautiful words and kindness, thank you.