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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

My "Something Special" Has Arrived on Fair Isle!

Remember my blog post on the 13th March titled "Something Special"?

After hearing the shocking news of the Parnaby's losing their home and all their belongings in the fire on Fair Isle, I felt compelled to do something! Yes, I contributed to the crowdfund along with tons of other people, but wanted to do something special to cheer up their young daughters Grace and Freya. I couldn't imagine what they were all going through, but I kept thinking about what their little girls were coping with, the loss of their home, their toys and everything that was familiar to them – it brought tears to my eyes.
So, I decided to pack up a box of toys and games etc for them! Firstly I dug into my TY Beanie collection (confession time!) which I collected many moons ago and have always kept in mint condition and untouched, so brand new. Then I excitedly went to the shops and tried to imagine what I would like in that parcel if was a little girl and got rather carried away! It was huge fun!

Besides the Beanie toys, I bought a Princess & Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle, Artists Sketch Pad, a bird colouring book (very pleased to find that), Animal Dot to Dot Book, Sticker Book, Pepper Pig colouring book, Peter Rabbit stickers book, 10 Nature Books each with a different theme, Badminton Racket set, two bouncy balls, chocolates, a Rabbit (used to belong to me), bag of coloured pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, coloured pencils, crayons and a card.

I could have just bundled them all in a box, but decided it would be great fun to wrap them individually, with hints on each label, as to was inside!
Knowing that the box was going on a long hardcore journey, I wrapped it extremely well! I posted the box on Thursday 14th March and was told it would take up to four days to deliver – WRONG, it took eleven days, because of boats and planes not operating, due to poor weather and it eventually arrived yesterday! It was very interesting watching its journey on 'Parcel Force Tracker' – it arrived in Lerwick on 20th and was stuck there for 5 days because of the weather – at least it got there!
I had a lovely thank you email from Susannah Parnaby, who said " felt a bit like Christmas in the house when they were opening the parcels...." Mission accomplished!😃👍


  1. Well done penny if we only had more people in the world like you x

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful gesture, Penny. It must have made their day.

  3. You are a truly nice person Penny! x