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Friday, 6 December 2019

Stroke Team Christmas Party!!!

Sarah B. and Andrea G. organised an incredible party for all the West Raynham Staff. It was a crazy party and probably the best one ever!!! It all kicked off at 7pm with hot buffet food and wine. My 7pm taxi was half an hour late, which I wasn't happy about at all and I discovered that this had happened to several other people too. I had also pre-booked a taxi for 11.45pm to join others into town to continue the party later, however this did not happen!
For those who were drinking we all brought our own alcohol – in my case it was my usual yearly tipple of brandy and babycham! I hadn't touched any alcohol since the last party I went to, which was two years ago. Harbour Lights Roadshow's DJ was brilliant and played all requested tunes and the usual Christmas mix and current tunes to keep everyone on the dance floor. It was so lovely to see everyone glammed up and letting their hair down – brilliant night! I had too good a time, as many others did too!!! I took 130 photos and a big video (see above), but only put 30 photos on here, as most were rubbish, plus my photography skills were crap as the evening progressed! I had to Photoshop a good number of these pictures too – removed a few bags, people out of focus and other stuff. 
Everything was fine until I went outside to see if my 11.45am taxi had arrived – it hadn't. The cold air hit my brandy soaked brain. I came back into the village hall and sat down on the floor in the reception area to wait for the taxi. I can't remember sitting down that clearly, but vaguely remember saying that I needed to lay down. The next thing I know is that I can hear Scott saying 'Penny get up'..... 'Penny get up'. Then I was in Gemma's car with Anne-Marie and Sarah B, but I don't know how I got there. The next thing I recall is someone tucking pillows behind my head. Then someone asking me if I had any spare keys, to which I vaguely recall saying 'somewhere in the hall'.
Hours later......... I woke up at 7.30am on Saturday to discover I was on my sofa with a duvet over me, a towel had been draped down to the floor with a washing up bowl positioned for any mishaps (which thankfully I didn't need)! A cup of water was on the side and my iPhone had been placed next to me. I felt quite shocked to be honest, realising that I couldn't remember being taken to my house! I had no hangover at all, but felt very light headed! I very slowly and carefully made my way upstairs to bed. Whilst I continued sleeping, Sarah Barber had very kindly let herself in my house to check I was ok later in the morning and I had no idea she had been in the house until we chatted later on the phone! Sarah told me that Gemma and Anne-Marie had assisted me along the path to my front door, into the house and put me on the sofa – Sarah made me laugh when she said that Anne-Marie went into work mode as if she was speaking to a patient, when she had said to me 'sit forward Penny' so she could place a pillow behind me. I was mortified to think that my colleagues had to even do all that!!! That is the first and last time!
Huge thanks to Sarah B, Gemma V and Anne-Marie H. for taking me home and taking so much care of me. I can’t remember going to my house at all and to be honest although it all sounds funny, its dreadful to be in that state and quite scary to think that I had no recollection of part of the evening! I have never in my entire life lost control on a night out!  NEVER – and it won't be happening again! I certainly wasn't the only one that lost control that night from some of the stories I've heard! I think I can safely say that a good number of us let our hair down big time!
I am so thankful that one of the girls took my new iPhone out of my sequinned bag, as I discovered later on, that the bag and lining was soaked with alcohol, so the phone would have probably died had it sat in there wet for several hours. I had also left my little bag with drinks bottle, fancy glass and bottle opener at the village hall, but Sarah had very kindly looked after them for me.
When I finally got up late morning, all I felt like eating was plain toast and drinking lots of water. I stayed on the sofa until 4pm and then decided it was about time I removed all my glittery eye-make up! I felt really hungry, so whilst I was in the shower, I had somehow managed to put potatoes in the oven and later on had a lovely lunch/dinner of nut cutlets, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy! Sat and watched Strictly Come Dancing and went to bed very early as going to work in the morning (Sunday). Good night all!

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