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Wednesday 8 November 2023

Very Exciting and Fabulous News!!!

When I started work at the Gilbert Bain hospital on 8th May, my post was a secondment post that finishes on the 4th December and of course this was a massive risk, but a risk I decided to take. It was a risk worth taking, as I immediately fell in love with the job as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, my team and all the staff in the hospital. Such a wonderful, warm and friendly place to be a part of. Also, how many hospitals have awesome sea views just below the windows! I didn't know this until this evening, but there was Orcas swimming past the hospital yesterday I was told! You couldn't make that up!

A few weeks ago I heard that my post would be advertised as a permanent position, which was extremely exciting to hear! As soon as the advert went live, I applied promptly! I put my application through on 18th October and was given an interview, phew! I have been very busy revising and preparing. Today my interview was at 10am with Denise and Karis (both OT's) at "The Independent Living Centre" in Lerwick.

Its very odd having an interview for a job that I'm already doing. I was asked a number of questions from each interviewer and I felt it went very well, I felt nervous, but tried to keep calm to a degree – who doesn't in an interview?! A few hours later I had a phone call from Denise who very kindly said we would like to offer you the post!!! I became very emotional, which was a little embarrasing and my lovely colleague Catherine (OT) gave me a little hug and a smile and offered to make me a cup of coffee. I adore Catherine, she is one very special young lady and simply wonderful to work with. I love working with Sidonie too, who is our Locum Band 6 OT, I will miss her very much when she leaves our team.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be a permanent Occupational Therapy Assistant in this wonderful team and hospital. I have no intentions of going through any more interviews! I will stay here until the end!!!

🎉  🥳  "Celebration Time"  🥳  🎉


  1. Oh my god Penny, this is brilliant news, I'm so happy for you. At long last! Congratulations!

  2. What a fantastic week you've had.You must be over the moon that your move to Shetland has gone so well....birds, job & home.🙂🙂🙂

  3. well done Penny ;you deserve all the luck in the world;

  4. Congratulations - you are obviously already well loved by your colleagues - enjoy

  5. Well done Penny. All the best for your career. From Ian M.

    1. Thank you! Are you Ian Moore from Leicester?!

  6. Well done. Congratulations 🎉