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Thursday 21 December 2023

British Gas Saga FINALLY Resolved!

Some of you may remember my very long, stressful and ongoing saga with British Gas since I left King's Lynn. A very, very long story short – I have been waiting for my final and CORRECT bill for gas and electricity since my house sale in King's Lynn, Norfolk completed on 16th June. The service has been utterly atrocious and that's putting it very mildly! After loads of phone calls, miscommunications on their part, threatening letters from them, incorrect and made-up bills, including one bill stating that I apparently reading the metres in May – funny that, yep I really did return to Norfolk to read the metres from Shetland! 😂😂😂 I put up with it far longer then Vivien said she would have done.

Anyway, I finally gave them an ultimatum by email and posted a letter to their headquarters, so they had a MASSIVE long rant TWICE from me, which included me very sarcastically telling them what the readings were and how simple it was to work out and at the end of my rant, I said if they did not reply by a certain date OR and send me the correct final bill, that I would contact Ombudsman.

As I expected, they didn't reply, so for the first time in my life, I contacted Ombudsman – its been going on with Ombudsman since I reported my complaint to them on 22nd August. So its taken over FIVE months to rectify in all, with continued stress. Recently I had an email saying my final bill was ready for viewing on my on-line account (after I requested a paper bill to be sent) which I couldn't view as they have blocked the account in some way and it asks you to ring them – you couldn't make it up! So I sent a stinking email back stating this and sent another message to Ombudsman.

I had a twirl round in the office at work today, when I could see an email on my phone from British Gas saying I now owed NOTHING – see below!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading! Also note, that the email said they were unable to reach me by phone – I had no missed calls on my mobile and I never gave them my landline number here – they had probably rung my landline in Norfolk!!! 😆

Hi Miss Clarke, 

I am sorry I was unable to reach you by phone this afternoon.

Unfortunately your original case handler has been unwell and has been unable to reply to the Energy Ombudsman case handler with a copy of your final bill. 

I have attached a copy of the final bill to this email for you to review.

However when the £75 Gesture of Goodwill credit was processed it hadn't been sent off to be authorised this means it hadn't come off the final balance.

I have authorised this today after reviewing the case implementations and this took the final balance to £78.71 however as this has been ongoing and your final bill hadn't been received I have applied a further £78.71 Gesture of Goodwill credit to energy account Axxxxxxx and this has cleared your final bill resulting in a closing balance of £0.00. I have sent the evidence of this to the Energy Ombudsman.

Kind Regards 

I will NEVER have to deal with British Gas again! I can't wait to shred everything! Made my Christmas!!!

🎉 🥳 👊 👍 😊 🙌

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