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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Better than the documentary!!!!!!!!

See this thread on Birdforum discussing the 'Twitchers: A British Obsession Documentary' - as someone described, its better than watching the soaps!! Incredibly entertaining, sad, rude, scary, informative...... etc etc. Be warned it took me over 3 hours to read up to page 28!!! The thread is now locked!

Bother, bother, bother - I have just realised that through trawling through this thread, that I have missed 'Birds Britannia' that I wanted to watch on BBC4 this evening!!! (see my link in previous post)

My 2nd posting on this thread is post 685 and reads:

"When I posted on page 13, I never imagined that this thread would continue on until page 32 with 786 posts!!! Having not looked at this thread again until this evening, I have been drawn in to reading every single post and its taken me hours! I congratulate Lee for having the b*lls to join in this thread, although I am sure now, that he wished he hadn't! There are some awful comments being said about him, which are utterly rude and uncalled for - there are some very sad people out there unfortunately, who are obviously very bored/unhappy in their own lives. I have always found Lee to be polite and courteous and helpful - I really don't understand why some people have got it in for him - jealously springs to mind I think. I am actually glad now for Sue Bryan's sake that she was left on the 'cutting floor' as it is obvious that the programme has just portrayed the negative/p*ss taking side to the whole Twitching scene. The media have always and will continue to portray a story how they want it, not how it actually was - this has happened to me on a few occassions, once for a national magazine who I sold a story to many years ago, which they completely changed and more recently a story in a local newspaper where they deliberately changed the facts to make the story sound more interesting. For the general public/non birder we will now all be seen as complete de-arranged fanatics that need to see our GP's asap for a Pysch. referral - oh well!!"

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