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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Rough legged Buzzards, Hen Harrier and an exciting find possibly!!!

Moorhen by the feeders at RSPB Titchwell.

Still didn't feel well, but went out anyway!

The early morning mist with the sun streaming through was very atomospheric as I drove along the A148. Arrived Burnham Overy Dunes at 7.45am. Parked on the main road and walked down to the sea bank and viewed the marshes, searching for the possible Northern Harrier again. Fantastic views of a Rough legged Buzzard sitting on the marsh which then got up and flew north, landed in the dunes and then took off and went west over Gun Hill at 9.20am. Bearded Tits and Cettis Warbler heard. Stood here for nearly 2 hours which didn't do me any good whatsover. No sun now, the rest of the day stayed dull, dismal and grey skies. Later on saw a second Rough leg sitting in a bush on the way back to the car. When I got as far as the Stile (just before the main road) I saw a 'dark' Ring tail Hen Harrier flying low along the hedge line which goes west from the stile in the next field, but annoyingly it went out of view towards Burnham Overy much too quickly. Seconds after this I realised there was a Rough legged Buzzard, literally over my head at 10.45am- a group of birders were walking down the track, oblivious to what was going on above them - they were very pleased when I pointed it out to them! The light was rubbish, so didn't bother getting the camera out of bag. Also met another blog fan (thanks!) On reaching the car I felt really ill and just wanted to curl up - reclined the seat back in the car and tried to snooze.

Arrived Titchwell RSPB for my lunch of vegetable lasagne with a jacket potato inside the 'Feeding Station' - normally I would sit outside but I felt shivery. Outside I saw Eddie M. queueing again!!! After my lunch I meandered around the Fen Trail and up as far as Island Hide where I chatted with Eddie Myers, another couple (can't remember their names) and a lovely surprise of Norman Sills! Two marsh harriers were seen, usual waders, and greenfinches, chaffinches, tits on the feeders and also a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I couldn't be bothered or feel well enough to walk further, to see the very distant smew.

Arrived NWT Holme Marsh Reserve (the 3 hides and pools in the village) and was very pleased to see the first hide roof is now mended. I noted in the log book that someone had seen 6 Waxwings by Holme Church this morning - lucky them! Its been very frustrating lately seeing the massive numbers of Waxwings in Norwich and Great Yarmouth - send some our way! I would really like to get a half decent picture of a Waxwing. Flocks of starlings came in to roost in the reed beds and I saw two sparrow hawks - one of them spent most of its time in the large willow tree and every so often dived into the roosting starlings, but I didn't see it catch any. Then - suddenly in the line of reeds behind the cut area directly in front of Hide 1 I could see a warbler messing about in the bottom - the light was fading fast, but managed to get some shots. I really thought I had got something exciting! It didn't call at all. When I phoned father, he said on my description that it was probably a Cettis' - bother, it hadn't even crossed my mind at the time. Couldn't take my camera to parents as didn't want them to catch my cold virus, so here are the shots, below.

Cettis' Warbler

99% anyway - please let me know asap if I am wrong!!!!!!!


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  2. Of course it's not quite the same when they don't shout their name at you, but the last 2 shots clearly show the distinctively short and rounded wing.

  3. Looks like your Dad was spot on, Penny.