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Friday 23 May 2014


No, not the App, ME, angry, frustrated, p***ed off and a whole load of unmentionable words!!! Yesterday I realised that my wonderful new iphone 5s was in fact a faulty handset, texts have not been getting through to me, when I'm talking on the phone, my voice fades out to nothing and then back to normal again, certain aspects of the phone not working. SO, I phone Vodafone who say they will send a new phone out to me. I asked if it can be delivered to my local V. Shop so that if eg a mega turns up, at least I can collect it when I want to! They agreed to this and said it would arrive tomorrow (Friday). After this phonecall I get a text message, confirming the order, but the old phone needs to be exchanged at the same time! So I phone them again (was in Cley at this point) and my phone is playing up so much that the customer service lady can't even hear what I am saying, so has to phone back on my orange pay-as-you go phone. The lady I was speaking to (not english, sorry to say this but....) did not understand what I was trying to explain, that the phone needs to be copied onto the new one before its taken away. Eventually she seemed to understand this and said it would be fine for the shop to return the old phone after I collected the new one..... everything will be fine she laughed. I phoned my vodaphone shop FOUR times (answerphone) to ask them to ring me, to make sure I was doing all the right things and to ask them to ring me back to discuss them ringing me tomorrow when the phone was delivered. On the fourth phone call at 5.28pm yesterday I threatened to close the account if they didn't ring me back – they didn't, I was fuming.

This morning I get a text saying the phone will be delivered to the store between 9.50am and 10.50am, not too bad I thought...... not long after that I get an email saying item has not been delivered as there was a problem and would I like Tuesday or Wednesday re-delivery..... and to contact the 'sender'. Couldn't believe this!!! I phone Vodafone and speak to an advisor who says that the phone had to be exchanged for the old one at the time of delivery. I then explain angrily that the lady I spoke to yesterday, said it didn't have to be exchanged at the same time. The lady repeated the same thing again and I put the phone down.

Stormed into town, found free parking place, long walk and stood in the queue in the vodaphone shop. I then find out that yes, the phone was delivered and promptly taken away again as no phone to exchange with! The shop apologised for not ringing back – NOT good enough!!! They then tell me that because I bought the phone from vodafone direct, rather than them, that they can't exchange the phone for me. But, I pointed out, that they are all the same company, I don't understand why. I was asked if I would like to speak to customer service again at Vodafone, which I then did and said I would be closing my account if I didn't go out of here with a new phone. This tactic seemed to work and they had to do lots of special things (oh dear, note sarcasm) involving speaking to the regional manager, faxing stuff, emailing stuff, getting codes and so on. Then I had to wait for stuff on old phone to icloud across to new handset and all the rigmarole that normally then happens.

Left the shop after 3pm! Then realised I had to re-set the phone into the car again, which seemed to take longer than last time. Meanwhile, birds are turning up at Blakeney Point and I'm not happy.

When I got home, passwords had to be put in again, some worked, some didn't etc etc. One good bit of news, I found out why my blogpress app hasn't been working for ages, so I will test it out tomorrow in the field when I find that mega!!!

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