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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Urban Birding!

Hardwick Road Cemetery, King's Lynn.

Well, I have just updated all my photos to recent posts, written the news up and its still glorious sunshine, so with a Ring Ouzel and a potential Hoopoe in King's Lynn, I really should go and do some urban birding!

A few years ago a friend of my youngest sister Vivien found a Hoopoe in Hardwick Cemetery in King's Lynn. This has always stuck in my mind. So after hearing that a Hoopoe was heard today at Hardwick Industrial Estate, I decided to go and have a look in the cemetery this evening. This was perhaps not one of my brightest ideas – female, blonde with camera and binoculars walking in a cemetery at just before 8pm, but hey ho! I was sensible though to a degree and kept bins and camera in bag before I got in there and continued to keep the camera hidden unless I needed it (I didn't).

It was really beautiful in there – this cemetery is fascinating with many extremely interesting headstones and graves and the cemetery is well kept with wild flower sections and unmown areas. There were several blackbirds here and youngsters being fed. A single Song Thrush was seen, a juv. Blue Tit and one Robin. Bit late in the day to be seeing birds really. I searched both the north and south section (separated by Hardwick Road – A148) – no hoopoe, but did find a gorgeous black rabbit who quickly disappeared through a hedge on being spotted! So no picture of that!

Just found out that the Hoopoe reported at Hardwick Industrial Estate, was heard by local birder Steve West whilst at work and was on a piece of land that even he couldn't access!

Hardwick Cemetery, King's Lynn.

Left the cemetery and went to watch the sun setting on the quayside. A few Mallards in the Fisherfleet and Gulls flying across to roost.

Sunset from the quayside, looking across to West Lynn.

1 comment:

  1. That brings back memories Penny as I used to have a flat for a while on Stonegate Street in the old Stonegate Hotel. If I remember correctly it wasn't the most salubrious of areas, but the cemetery was indeed lovely!

    Cheers, Seumus