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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Afternoon!

Worked in the morning, got home, sat on sofa, fell asleep. Later on I went to the vodafone shop who told me that my storage space had indeed run out!!! Ok, so I had alot of pictures on there, but nowhere near as many as what I had on my old 3G phone. It was explained to me that, certain things on a new iphone would take up more space eg: Apps would be now be a higher version than what they were on the old phone and would take up space etc etc. Can't go into it all now, as its boring. I was told that the phone can be tested in an Apple store on a diagnostic machine to check if it is faulty. Re: the internet not working, they couldn't see any problem with the phone!!! They did however say that my sturdy waterproof case around phone might be affecting the signal and to try using the phone without this.... so I will put on the funky, girly case I bought for it aswell and see what happens!

Picked both my sisters up and we all spent the afternoon with my parents which was lovely. We hadn't all seen each other together, since our parent's Wedding Anniversary on 30th March. On route back, we had to kill time before Vivien's train departure, so we stopped at various places on route. At Old Hunstanton duck pond there were several cute little ducklings. Stopped at the old Lynn Road, which is now a track/cycle path that goes over the Babingley Bridge – there was a wonderful field of poppies here – drove up as far as 'Onion Corner' where wild garlic grows in abundance and the aroma was almost overpowering! I take my sister's to such exciting places!!! This area is favoured by Barn Owls but we didn't see any this evening. Sheep in the field opposite the poppies, all looked very pretty, but no birds of note, apart from a Wren and a Pheasant.

Work tomorrow for six hours and then I might actually cut the front hedge tomorrow – well if there are no birds to see!

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