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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Important! Snettisham Coastal Footpath Petition!

I read this recently in the May issue of 'Hunstanton Town & Around' Magazine. It was highlighted to me by local birder Mark Bradberry. This footpath at Snettisham is a public right of way and we should not be stopped from using this! If you have walked this path for leisure or birding, please either write to your parish councillor below and/or sign the petition link below, which only takes a few seconds PLEASE.

Mark Bradberry sent me the following message: 

"There is an interesting article in the May Hunstanton Town & Around on page 6. Many birders will know how good the birding can be from this path in Snettisham as the Greater Sand Plover was viewed from it, also there was a Broad-billed Sandpiper one year. The birding is good there as it is one of the first places to reveal mud after a spring tide, so many waders go there. It would be great if you could inform Norfolk birders that the path may be opened again if enough people support it by contacting any Snettisham parish councillor or by phoning the s.p.c clerk on 01485 543721 many thanks, Mark."
PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE and SHARE on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. Thank you and together united, we will keep this path OPEN!

Update: Mark - if you are reading this a friend on twitter said:
"Can you let the chap who raised this know that he should contact the Ramblers Assoc. as they will help with this issue and are well clued up on the legalities of 'public right of way act'. Always campaigning on this."

Update: 8th May – I have had nearly 200 views of this post – have you all signed the petition please it only takes seconds, honest!

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